Cozean Historical Data

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The C. H. Cozean Library at MAC now contains historical data on the Cozean family and some of the connecting families.

Materials recently deposited there include a few books by Cozean family members, a photo scrapbook, and numerous files which contain information collected over the past 42 years.  Difficult research over time has revealed the source of the Cozean name and some of those bearing the name.  There are copies of documents from Tennessee, St. Francois and Madison Counties, Missouri and from Lawrence County, Arkansas, as well as some information from France.

Since the first Cozean in Southeast Missouri was George Washington Cozean, it was difficult to find any connection with his past.  It turned out that he was an orphan brought to the area from Tennessee by Tucker relatives.  One of the books developed by Virginia Cozean Holter is “Some Cozean Answers and Tucker Kin”. This book could help some of the local Tucker families learn more about their ancestry.

There is further information available about collateral lines of Rinke, Stephens, White, Barron and others.

Books in the collection are “The Cozean Family Album”, “Some Cozean Answers and Tucker Kin”, and a special “Cozean Family Photo Scrapbook”. As an adjunct, the book that precipitated the discovery into the past is a book by Richard Carlton Fulck, “1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlement (Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties)” in what is now Tennessee. A book from France, “Les noms de famille du Finintere” is also part of the collection.