Rheumatoid Arthritis is a total body condition characterized by inflammation of the joints.  The shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and the small joints of the hands and feet are affected by rheumatoid arthritis.  Since these joints are designed both to allow motion and to bear weight, motion restrictions and weight bearing problems can be early consequences of the disability.

The interference in motion induced by pain, the loss of proper joint motion, and the loss of strength all may limit a person's activities.  The particular activity affected depends upon which joints are involved.  Each person with rheumatoid arthritis is affected differently and each person's own condition varies from one day to the next.

Accommodation Examples

  • Student may need an in-class volunteer note-taker.
  • Student may need to record lectures.
  • If student can write, he or she may need extended time on tests.
  • Student may need a writer for tests.