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Clubs & Organizations


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                                                  ALLIED HEALTH

Student Nurses Association
(SNA) Membership is required of all students accepted and currently enrolled in the ADN program.  The association focuses on community health awareness,
leadership skills, and professional issues.

Sponsors:  Esther Blum or 573-518-2175
       or 573-518-2241

MO. State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (MO SALPN)

Membership is required of all students accepted and enrolled in the Practical Nursing program. The organization motivates its members to establish, maintain, and evaluate nursing's professional standards.
Sponsor:  Pam Junge or 573-518-2209

Student Radiology Club
Open to all students accepted and enrolled in the Radiology Program.  The organization motivates its members to establish, maintain, and provide awareness for radiology professional standards.
Stacy Wilfong or 573-518-2334
               Kara Mills or 573-518-2334





Phi Beta Lambda
(PBL) A national organization of post-secondary students interested in pursuing a business and business-like career.  PBL members develop leadership skills, initiate business ventures, and organize community service projects.  Membership is open to all students.

Sponsors: Roger McMillian or 573-518-2226

                Melynda Barks or 573-518-2245





                                        COMMUNITY SERVICE

Omega Leo  A collegiate level of the International Lions Club, Omega Leo is open to all students, with the focus on service learning and giving back to local communities through leadership and projects.  The club also participates in fundraising activities, an annual eyeglasses collection drive and occasional field trips.

Sponsor: Dean Jean Merrill-Doss or 573-518-2262






Phi Delta Kappa An international professional association for men and women in education. The membership is composed of professionals in the field of education, of graduate students preparing for careers in education, and undergraduates who are enrolled in or have successfully completed their student teaching.

Sponsor: Dean Jean Merrill-Doss or 573-518-2262


Student MO State Teachers Association (S-MSTA)
Provides personal/professional growth opportunities through leadership, experience, ethics, and ideals, creating opportunities through which students observe and share the work of teachers in school and the community.

Sponsor:  Dr. Shawn Young or 573-518-2339





                                                    FINE ARTS

Art Club Encourages creating art, and strives to impress in the hearts and minds of its members and the public a more profound understanding of the meaning and nature of art.  Students participate in art shows and other campus activities as well as take field trips to view work of other artists. 

Sponsor: Jim Wilson or 573-518-2303


National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Collegiate membership is to give students an opportunity for professional orientation and development, and to help students gain understanding of: the basic truths and principles that underlie the role of music in human life; the philosophy and function of the music education profession; the professional interests of members involved in the local, state, division, and national levels; the music industry's role in support of music education; and the knowledge and practices of the professional music educator as facilitated through chapter activity.

Sponsor:  Harry Cecil or 573-518-2230



Little Theatre Guild (LTG) The guild provides quality entertainment while preparing students for four-year education or employment in the performing arts. Students and community members can audition for roles or pursue their interests in directing, designing sets, costumng, or other work behind the scenes.

Sponsor:  Chuck Gallaher or 573-518-2181


Delta Psi Omega A dramatic fraternity, providing a national honor society for those exhibiting a high standard of work in theatre.  As MAC students and members of the community qualify, they are rewarded by election to membership in the society and initiated in formal ceremonies at the end of the spring semester.

Sponsor:  Chuck Gallaher or 573-518-2181






The Click (Photography) A student-driven photography club where members share tips, ideas, and resources. Members also coordinate projects and exhibitions to promote student involvement and enhance the campus aesthetic.  Open to the general student body.

Sponsor: Sara Briggs or 573-518-2218


MACFlix (Movies) This is a "fun" club for students and community members who are interested in films from the past.  The Spring semester is devoted to organizing and presenting a Classic Film Series while the Fall semester is devoted to presentation of the Classic Drive-In Series held in the campus outdoor quad.  Membership is open to all students.

Sponsor:  Dr. Kevin White or 573-518-2170



                                            HONORARY SOCIETY

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) An international scholastic honor society for community college students. PTK's hallmarks are leadership, scholarship, service, and fellowship.  Induction into the organization requires that a student be enrolled at MAC and have completed 12 credit hours in 1000 level courses or higher with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. 

Sponsors: Dr. Amy Henson or 573-518-2122

                    Alison Sheets or 573-518-3820

                    Lana LaBruyere or 573-518-2348

Psi Beta A national honor society in psychology for community colleges.  Psi Beta was founded to promote the development of students in psychology and other social science fields through recognition of excellence in scholarship, research, leadership and community service.

Sponsor: Richard Wadlow or 573-518-2234







Christian Student Union (CSU) CSU gives students opportunities for fellowship, Bible study, personal growth, and ministry to others.  Membership is open to all denominations.

Sponsor:  Beth Mell or 573-518-2193


Chi Alpha A non profit, nationally recognized student group on most of the major universities in America. Chi Alpha is a weekly meeting open to students of all faiths or students with no faith. Chi Alpha is known for their fun outreaches and their small groups. For meeting times and student testimonies visit
Sponsor:  Judy Edgar or 573-518-2267


Cultural Awareness Club Open to all students, this club promotes interaction among students of different cultures and nationalities, encouraging students to broaden their perspectives by understanding and appreciating other languages and societies.  The club explores foreign arts, traditions, and observations during events throughout the year.

Sponsor:  Sarah Stahl or 573-518-2128


Veterans Organization The purpose of the Veterans Organization is to meet the needs of veterans, create an environment of inclusiveness, and provide support, guidance, and a resource for those who have served our country.  The organization serves as a network of social support and is open to all students, regardless of military status.

Sponsor:  Todd Kline or 573-518-2272


Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) This club provides an opportunity for leadership and career preparation.  All agriculture and horticulture students are encouraged to participate in state and national conferences each year where they get the opportunity to explore occupations, tour industries, network with professionals, and compete in career programs.

Sponsors: Alan Bayless or 573-518-2102

                Dr. Chad Follis or 573-518-2323




Student Activities Council (SAC) The council is composed of students who are responsible for planning social, cultural, educational, and recreational events open to the entire student body. There are many levels of involvement and many leadership opportunities. 

Sponsor:  Beth Mell or 573-518-2193


Cozean Library Book Club The mission of the club is to enrich the student body's knowledge of books and literature and promote literary activities.  Student will meet monthly and have discussions on the book the club has been reading.  All students are welcome to join the discussion in person or online.

Sponsor:  Ruth Seaber or 573-518-2242


Student Government Association (SGA) The official student governing board and policy making group of the student body, SGA acts as liaison among students, faculty, and administration.  Through it, students can express themselves collectively, develop leadership skills, and initiate and execute measures of civic engagements to benefit the student body and college. Full-time students are elected to SGA by their peers.

Sponsors:  Chad Majeske or 573-518-3827

                Jenny Majeske or 573-518-3821





Archery Club A chapter of the U.S. Collegiate Archery Organization that participates in indoor, outdoor, 3-D, and competitions shooting.  All levels of archers are welcome and personal equipment is not necessary to join.  Membership is open to all students on main campus who are enrolled in at least six semester hours.  The club strives to assist its members in developing skills that will enhance them both personally and professionally.

Sponsors:  Dr. Shawn Young or 573-518-2339

                Dr. Nathan Calkins or 573-518-2325





MAC Cheerleaders Men and women are recruited during spring to cheer for all men's basketball games, as well as for designed women's basketball home games. Cheerleaders participate in cheer clinics, local parades, pep rallies, community events and various fund-raisers.  Cheerleaders may receive the following: shoes, one hour physical education credit and partial scholarships.  All cheerleaders must be full-time students and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Sponsor/Coach:  Tia Propst or 573-518-2104


MAC Ambassadors Ambassadors are chosen based on their outstanding personalities and academic performance to assist faculty and staff with campus events and tours.  Students who are chosen must maintain a 2.5 GPA and have good oral communication and leadership qualities.  They are selected through an application process and receive hourly compensation.

Sponsor:  Julie Sheets or 573-518-2206



For more MAC Club and Organization information

Contact Beth Mell, Student Activities Director at 573-518-2193 or or



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                                 Residential Life

College Park


Affordable, convenient, on-campus housing.  All apartments are furnished and include kitchenettes. The complex has a central laundry facility, clubhouse, computer lab, picnic pavilion, pool, and sand volleyball court.

Contact: Debi Bayless, Director or 573-518-1330