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  Phi Beta Lambda - PBL

What does PBL stand for?
Phi Beta Lambda

What is PBL?
PBL is a Business Organization. You do not have to have a Business Major to join. Everyone will eventually be working with or for a business in the future, so why not try us out?

What does PBL do?
It is an organization that is community oriented, so community service projects are the main goals.

 Why should you join?
The feeling of satisfaction when you do something good is well worth the time and effort. But, it is a lot of fun to get involved and it looks great on a resume.

How much does it cost?
National, State, and local dues are $25 a year.

Is PBL affiliated with any other organization?
Yes, it is the college level organization of the FBLA organization that is at the high school level. In the past, Mineral Area College has been the host for the FBLA Contest. Our PBL members are always invited to join in on the fun.

What does PBL offer you?
PBL helps to promote social skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, and communication skills. It also helps our members to initiate business ventures, as well as being involved in the community.

What opportunities does PBL offer?

  • State and National Competition
  • State and National Leadership Conferences
  • Local community service projects 
  • Our largest charitable organization is to the March of Dimes

Does PBL do the same community service projects each year?
No. The members make suggestions and vote on thecommunity service projects that will take place.

Does PBL have any publications?
Yes. Mineral Area College has a newsletter that is published on a monthly basis. Members and Advisors of PBL receive the PBL Business Leader, and Missouri PBL Business Leader has a publication as well.

Does PBL have meetings?
Yes. Currently PBL holds meetings on the first and third Monday of each month, with the meeting held in T202. Just give us a try, you won’t be sorry!

Faculty Sponsors:  

Roger McMillian
Office: #22
Phone: 518-2226

Melynda Barks
Office: #34
Phone: 518-2245

Application for PBL Membership


Mineral Area College
Phi Beta Lambda
PO Box 1000
Park Hills, MO63601
(573) 431-4593