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  Breaking Traditions

The Breaking Traditions program provides services for:

  • single parents
  • displaced homemakers -- separated, divorced, widowed or married to someone with a disability
  • single pregnant women
  • individuals considering training for a career that is nontraditional for their gender
  • adults returning to college after a brief or extended time period

Free support services, based on individual needs, include:

  • orientation and enrollment assistance
  • financial aid for career and technical training programs
  • help selecting a career that matches your interests and abilities
  • information, especially for women, on high paying careers in technology areas
  • support services during training
  • help with the transition from school to work

Returning Learner's Workshops

Adults. . . if you have ever thought about attending college, here's a free offer for you! Mineral Area College hosts Returning Learner's Workshops throughout the year for adults who want information about starting or returning to college. These workshops are packed full of information to answer your questions and prepare you for a successful college experience. You should consider attending if you:

  • are seeking a career change or need to update your skills
  • want to learn about career training programs to prepare for a great job
  • need to learn about financial aid options for college
  • are a single parent or are interested in a nontraditional career
  • are experiencing a change in your life such as a divorce or loss of a job
  • have questions that need answers
  • want to meet friendly people who are interested in making you feel comfortable about coming back to school

Questions and/or referrals regarding services offered by Breaking Traditions should be directed to:

Amber Ernst
Phone: 573-751-3368