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  Academic Assistance

Advisement System

The advisement system is faculty-based, in which students are assigned a faculty advisor based on their choice of major. Advisor and/or a major may be changed upon request to the Registrar’s Office.

Academic advisement is an important responsibility of the faculty and Student Services advisors. Academic advisors explain the college’s requirements and help students plan a course of study.

Advising is a joint responsibility of advisors and students. Students are expected to read the regulations in the catalog and conform to them. The student is responsible for knowing the regulations and policies and for meeting the requirements for a degree or certificate. Advisors guide the student toward accepting responsibility for academic decision making.

Learning Center

The Learning Center offers Arithmetic Skills, Elementary Algebra, Basic Writing I and II, reading improvement, vocabulary development, study skills, accounting, Metric Measurement, Writing a Research Paper, and medical terminology modules. These courses give students an opportunity to acquire or improve the skills they will need for college-level courses. Each module is a one (1) credit hour class, and unless noted otherwise, counts towards a General Studies degree only. Enrollment is by student choice or as determined by a placement test.

Students work on these courses under the guidance of the Learning Center instructors and they are expected to attend the Learning Center one hour per week for each one hour course they are taking. All courses begin the first week of each new semester. Students have the semester to complete the work; however, they may complete their course work earlier. See the course syllabus for more specific information. Refer to the appropriate course syllabus for specific assignments and deadlines for submitting work.

The Learning Center