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Withdrawal from College

When a student must stop attendance in all classes or withdraw from the one and only class in which he or she is enrolled, a Withdrawal/Exit Form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The date the official withdrawal request form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office (or the postmark date of withdrawal requests submitted by mail) shall be the date used in determining the refund of fees and assignment of grades.

Courses dropped during the first 12.5 percent of the semester are not entered on the student’s permanent record. After 12.5 percent of a semester or term has passed, the student may follow regular withdrawal procedures to drop any class up to the time that 75 percent of the term or semester is completed. Regardless of whether the student was passing or failing at the time, a “W” (withdrawal) will be entered upon the student’s record. Any drop completed after 75 percent of a term has passed may result in a grade of “F”.

Students are expected to complete the courses for which they register. Failure to properly drop or withdraw from classes may result in the assignment of an “F” for those classes, as well as a possible financial obligation.

To withdraw from the College the student must:

1. Obtain a Withdrawal/Exit Form;
2. Complete the form;
3. Submit the Withdrawal/Exit form to the Registrar’s Office for processing;
4. Wait for any refund due you, if entitled, to be returned to your college debit card.

When a student withdraws from a class or from the college, his/her record will show a grade of “W” (withdrawal), whether the student was passing or failing at the time. The withdrawal slip must be fully processed within the first 75 percent of the term.

Withdrawal for Students Mobilized for Military Duty

Normal withdrawal procedures should be followed wherever possible. However, if a student is unable to complete the necessary paperwork by coming into the Registrar’s Office, or is unable to write a letter of withdrawal, the college shall accept notification from the student or a family member. The Registrar’s Office will verify all notifications.

Refunds: The student will be allowed to withdraw without penalty from the college and a 100 percent tuition refund will be granted upon presenting an original copy of his/her orders to the Registrar’s Office. Should a student have financial aid, all financial aid will be cancelled by the director of Financial Aid. Students should contact the director of Financial Aid for more information. Students withdrawing VA education benefits should contact the VA Certifying Official of their withdrawal and orders to report to duty.

Alternatively, incomplete (“I”) grades with no tuition reimbursement may be more appropriate when the withdrawal is near the end of the semester and incompletes are agreed to by the instructor(s) and the student and approved by the appropriate dean. In the latter case, the student will be allowed to complete the coursework according to a written agreement submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the instructor with the final grade sheet for each course.

The student shall receive a full refund for textbooks purchased at the MAC Bookstore. The College Park housing meal plan refund will be prorated based on the actual number of days that room and board were used.  

Revised September 2012