In order to log-in on MY MAC, a student will need their User Name/ID and your password.  Start at the MAC website www.mineralarea.edu.  Click on the red/gray button MY MAC on the left.

On this page, look to the right for the “Look up User Name-Student ID” box and enter the SSN in the box provided and click the submit button.  The numbers that will appear below the box is what is now called the User Name/MAC ID number.  In other words, these 5 numbers replace the use of the SSN and are used to identify the student in the computer system. 

The password is initially given to the student through the Admissions acceptance letter and/or from Records through the registration notice.  Also, it can be obtained at the Student Services Office by showing a photo ID to the receptionist or by printing the Password Request Form from the Help box on the MY MAC page and following the instructions.

Once the MAC ID and password has been obtained, enter the ID# in the black line at the top of the MY MAC page in the “User Name” box.  Enter your password in the “Password” box and click on “Login”. 

To change the password to something unique for the student, click on “Personal Info” in the black line.  Select the tab “Password” and make the change.  The password can only be between 4-10 characters and it is case sensitive.

To begin registering for classes, click on the red tab “Registration”.  In the red box “Course Schedule” click on “Course Search”.  Note the term which is showing in the “Term” box and make changes if needed by clicking on the blue arrow at the end of the Term box ie ‘Fall 09’. 

When the term is correct, the student should click on “Search” at the bottom of the box.  Once the courses come up, locate the course in which to register, click in the small blue box to the left of the course number and click on “Add Courses” at the bottom of each page.  This completes registration for the courses selected.

To print a schedule of the courses, go to the red tab “Student”, scroll down to the red box “Student Schedule”, click on “View Details”, and use the “Printer Friendly” link at the top right corner to print the schedule.  Next, click on “Send to Printer” on the left at the top.   After printing, click on the “Exit Print Mode”.

When completely finished, be sure to click on “Logout” in the top of the page in the black line to ensure your record will not be accessible to anyone else.

If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office: nhill@mineralarea.edu or preeder@mineralarea.edu or call 518-2130.