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Students are encouraged to register early. New students and transfer students are notified when all required admissions papers are on file.

Current Course Offerings

Web Registration

Web registration is an interactive application which allows students to search, register and pay for classes online. Currently enrolled students are eligible for Web registration. High school students participating in Dual Enrollment are not eligible for Web registration. First-time freshmen and first-year transfer students with 12 hours or less register when they attend the freshman orientation (C.A.R.D.S.) program.

C.A.R.D.S Information
Access My MAC (Student Information System)

Early Registration

Currently enrolled, admitted and readmitted students, who have no indebtedness to MAC and who have a complete admission file, may register early for the following term’s classes. Details are provided in each semester’s class schedule booklet.

Students enrolled during the fall semester may early register for spring and summer courses; students enrolled during the spring semester may early register for summer and fall courses.

Students cannot attend classes in which they are not enrolled. Students whose names do not appear on the class roster should contact the Registrar’s Office. A student who registers early but cannot or will not attend must complete the Withdrawal/Exit form in the Student Services Office, or the student will be liable for tuition and fees, and a punitive grade could be placed on the student’s permanent record.

If you have questions about registration, contact the Registrar’s Office at 573-518-2130 or e-mail