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Registration Information and Tips


Q: When will Fall, Spring or Summer course offerings be available?
A: Fall courses are available to search online mid-March.

    Spring and summer courses are available to search online mid-October.

Q: What if my field of study has changed?
A: Complete a Change Field of Study/Enrollment Status Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. On MyMAC, you can find the Change of Field of Study/Enrollment Status request on your student tab. The form is also available in Student Services on the main campus, and at all Outreach Centers. If you are a student at an Outreach Center, submit the Change of Field of Study/Enrollment Status form to the Outreach Director.

Q: When can I early register for Spring 2019 classes?
A: Spring 2019 Registration Schedule:

Currently Enrolled Students with
Earned Hours

Registration Start Date

30+ Hours

October 22

1-29 Hours

October 24

Open to all

October 29

October 29 will be open to all current, returning, and new students who are eligible to enroll.

Q: If I have changed my field of study will I be assigned a different faculty advisor?
A: Yes. The name of your new advisor will be shown in MyMAC under the “Personal Info” section, and the “Academic Info” tab.

Q: When does my faculty advisor have office hours?
A: You can find faculty office hours on the homepage of our website, under the Faculty and Staff tab.

Q: How can I view my mid-term, final grades, and unofficial transcript?
A: When you log into MyMAC, go to the student tab and you will see a link on the left that says, “unofficial transcript and grade report”. You will then see two links on the right hand side, one for final grades and one for mid-term grades. In the center column of this page you will have a link to view your unofficial transcript. You can always view/print your transcript from this screen. The best printable version can be obtained by scrolling to the bottom of the transcript and clicking on the PDF icon that says, “custom transcript”.

Q: If I prefer to web register rather than paper register, where can I find My MAC student ID number and password information?
A: Your MAC student ID# is available from the My MAC page at Click on Access Your User Name/ID, enter your SS number (no hyphens) and click Generate Report. The 5 or 6 digit ID number will be displayed in a new window. This ID number becomes your User Name for log-in purposes.

To access your passwords go to the MyMAC page. Click on Access Your Password, enter the last 4 digits of your social, ID number, and year of birth and click Generate Report. Your password will be displayed in a new window. After logging into your MyMAC account you can then change your password by clicking on Personal Info in the log-in box and clicking on the tab "Password". The password must be at least 8 characters.

Q: Where can I get a copy of a degree plan so I can make certain I am taking the course work I need to graduate?
A: On the home page of the website, under “Programs and Courses”, “Degrees and Certificates”, select the appropriate link for your division/type of degree: “Arts and Sciences” or “Career and Tech”. Choose your division degree plan, and there you will find a list of degrees for each division. Find your degree, and you will be able to print your degree plan.

Q: What about financial aid?
A: If you receive a scholarship or financial aid remember financial aid arrangements must be made prior to your registration and you are responsible for meeting the condition of your award program.

Q: Where can I find information about tuition payment deadlines?
A: This information is in the 2018-2019 Registration Guide and under Payment Policy Information.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting an Application for Graduation Candidacy for Spring 2019?
A: The Registrar’s Office welcomes you to submit your Application for Graduation Candidacy any time after you have enrolled in your Spring 2019 classes. The deadline for submitting your Application for Graduation for Spring 2019 is January 25 at 4:00 P.M.

Q: How can I request my final transcript?
A: Official transcripts from MAC may be requested in one of the following ways:

  • Request a transcript online here.
  • Request a transcript in person at Student Services in Park Hills or any Outreach Center. The Student Services office is located on the first floor of the Technology building.

Q: Can I web register if I want to audit a class?
A: No, you have to paper register if you plan to audit a class.

Q: How do I register for an independent study course?
A: You must paper register for any independent study course. Department Chair and Instructor written approvals are needed for an independent study course.

Q: Where are Outreach Centers located?
Students who wish to enroll in classes at the Farmington, Fredericktown, Perryville, or Potosi locations should contact the appropriate Outreach Center Director listed below:

Brian Reeves (573)701-1310 ext 2139

Diana Stuart, Interim Director
Saundra Ivison, Executive Administrative Assistant
(573)783-7932 or (573)783-7914

Mary Bauwens, Director (573)547-4143

Joel Nivens, Director (573)438-4363 (before 3 pm) or (573)438-2156 ext 43 (after 4pm)


Q: When can I purchase my Spring textbooks?
A: Spring textbooks will be available at the MAC bookstore on January 3.

Q: What should I do if I register early and decide not to attend MAC?
A: You need to complete a “Withdrawl/Exit Form” and submit it to the Business Office. This form is available on the Park Hills campus and at any Outreach Center. Failure to complete this form will result in your being liable for fees and may result in “F” being recorded on your permanent record.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have any difficulties with registration or have questions about registration?
A: Assistance is available from the Registrar’s office. E-mail: or call 518-2130 or 518-2204. Office hours are 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. during the Spring and Fall semesters and 8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. during the Summer semester.

Q: What is the main telephone number at the Park Hills campus?
A: These telephone numbers may be helpful to you:


Park Hills Campus



Registrar’s Office


Financial Aid


Course Registration



(573)518-2106 or 518-2107





Note: Registration for courses is subject to change if prerequisites are not met. Mineral Area College reserves the right to cancel any class not having sufficient enrollment.