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  Frequently Asked Questions
Auditing Courses
A student may audit a class for no credit upon the approval of the appropriate dean and the instructor. Regular fees and enrollment procedures are required. However, the student will not be required to take examinations. No credit hours earned nor any indication of level of performance will appear on the transcript entry. Once registered, changing from audit to credit and vice versa is not permitted. Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits cannot count audit courses to establish full-or-part-time status.

Repeat of a Course
A student who received a grade of "C" or below in a given course may repeat the course to raise his/her grade point average. When a course is repeated, the first grade remains on the transcript but only the latter grade will be counted for graduation or in computing grade points. Students may not repeat a lower level course that serves as a prerequisite for a course that was already completed by the student with a "C" or better. For example, if a student receives a grade of "C" in MAT1130 and subsequently completes MAT1230 in a following term with a grade of "C", the student is not allowed to repeat MAT1130 in a future semester.

Credit by Examination and For Educational Experiences
A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit may be granted for education experiences obtained through nontraditional college programs. Credit may be granted for successful scores of CLEP exams, and education experiences in business, industry and/or the armed services. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 573-518-2119 or e-mail for more information.

Credit for Prior Learning Handbook

Credit Transfer from Other Colleges
Transfer credit will be accepted from colleges and universities starting from the year they are accredited or hold candidacy status with the following Associations of Colleges and Schools: North Central, Middle States, New England, Northwest, Southern and Western. Students with transfer credits must request an official transcript from each institution attended be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office. Only official transcripts will be evaluated by the Registrar. Please allow two to four weeks for Mineral Area College to receive the transcript(s).

All transfer credits earned with an “F” grade or higher will be transferred and calculated in the cumulative GPA quality points and grade points will be transferred and averaged into the student’s cumulative grade point average earned at Mineral Area College.

Freshman-Sophomore Classification
Students at Mineral Area College are classified according to hours enrolled and hours completed. Part-time students earn fewer than 12 hours per semester, while full-time students carry 12 or more. During the summer session, full-time student status requires six or more credit hours.

A freshman is any student who has completed fewer than 30 credit hours; a sophomore has completed 30 credit hours or more.

Grade Reports
Mid-term grades for 16-week courses are posted after the 8th week of classes. Grades are issued at the end of each semester. Students may view their mid-term and semester grades on the Internet through the My MAC system, using their student ID number and password.


To view Grades and Unofficial transcipts, log in to My MAC. Click the Student tab at the top, then select Unofficial Transcript and Grade Report on the left of the screen.

Grading System
Mineral Area College employs a five-level grading system using the letters A,B,C,D,F,W, I, AU and P. These letters have the following meaning:

A Superior work (highest grade awarded)
B Above average work
C Average Work
D Below Average
F Work done is undeserving of credit
W Withdrew from course
I Incomplete
AU Audit
P Passing

College credit is valued in grade points as follows:

A – 4 grade points
B – 3 grade points
C – 2 grade points
D – 1 grade point
F – No grade points
AU – No grade points
P – No grade points
I – No grade points

Once a grade is recorded in the Registrar’s Office, it is a permanent grade. Changes cannot be made unless the instructor has made an error in calculating the grade. Any change must be approved by the dean of the respective division.

Computing Grade Point Average
Courses in which a student receives pass-fall credit, a “W” an “I” or an “AU” are not included in the grade point average. For example:

1 credit hour of A = 1 x 4.0 = 4
4 credit hours of B = 4 x 3.0 = 12
6 credit hours of C = 6 x 2.0 = 12
2 credit hours of D = 2 x l.0 = 2
13=Credit Hours, Grade Points = 30
30 divided by 13 = 2.308 GPA

Military Experience Evaluation
Any current member of the U.S. Armed Forces, U. S. Reserves, National Guard or eligible veterans who have successfully completed basic training may be granted two hours of college credit in physical education upon submitting his or her form DD-214 or equivalent. In some limited situations, the student may qualify for additional credit. Credit is normally granted for military course work with an equivalent at Mineral Area College and appropriate to the student’s major. Veterans and active duty military from the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard can request an official military transcript to be sent to MAC through Joint Services Transcript service at Veterans and active duty military from the Air Force can request and official copy from The Air University website at Inquiries should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at 573-518-2119.

Overload Policy
The maximum course load for the fall and spring semesters is 18 credit hours. The maximum course load for the summer term is 8 credit hours. Students with a superior scholastic record may be permitted to register for more than the recommended maximum with dean approval.

Pass/Fail Grading System
A maximum of six credit hours taken on a pass-fail basis may apply toward graduation requirements of an Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, or an Associate in General Studies Degree. A maximum of three credit hours may apply toward the graduation requirements of a one-year vocational certificate. A student must enroll on a pass-fail basis at registration and will not be allowed to change after the class has met. Honor points will not be awarded for any course taken on a pass-fail basis. A student must have a minimum of 2.1 GPA for all other credit hours presented for graduation requirements.

The student is responsible for having the appropriate prerequisites before enrolling in a class. The current prerequisites are indicated with each course in the college catalog. If it is determined that a student does not have the appropriate prerequisites for a course, registration for the course may be cancelled either prior to or after classes begin. Any questions concerning the prerequisites should be answered by consulting the current catalog or by contact the department offering the class.

Transfer Student General Education Block
The Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education has established guidelines for transfer policies for the state of Missouri. These policies may be reviewed on the CBHE web site.

Mineral Area College’s 42-semester-hour general education block of credit complies with the statewide general education policy. Students who complete the 42-hour block of credit will meet the requirement of the 42-hour block of general education credit at other public and signatory institutions in Missouri. Courses taken in addition to general education requirements should be carefully chosen to ensure each course applied to the baccalaureate graduate requirements for the program of study at the college or university to which the student intends to transfer. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the specific major and graduation requirements of the baccalaureate institution to which the student intends to transfer.

Transfer to Other Colleges
Admission requirements for transfer students vary among receiving colleges and universities. Courses taken for credit at Mineral Area College will be accepted in transfer by other colleges, provided grades are satisfactory and courses taken are appropriate to the degree sought by the student. Students should consult an academic advisor early regarding transferability of credit earned at Mineral Area College, to assure smooth transfer to a four-year institution. The Associate of Arts Degree is designed as the statewide general studies transfer degree.

Although acceptance of credit is at the discretion of the transfer school, Mineral Area College has articulation agreements facilitating transfer. Generally, college transfer program courses will satisfy various departments, general education, elective and degree requirements at receiving schools. Career program courses may not transfer because these programs are designed for employment preparation rather than transfer.

It is the student’s responsibility to follow the recommendations of the institution to which he or she intends to transfer upon completing work at Mineral Area College. Students planning to transfer should refer directly to the official catalog of the institution they plan to attend, and meet those requirements and recommendations for a selected area of concentration.

To determine which MAC courses are accepted at selected four year transfer institutions, visit: Transfer Equivalency Guidelines.

Request a transcript online here.

What is MAC's tuition rate?
Visit the following page for current tuition rates: MAC Tuition Rates and Payment Plan

Degree and Certificate Time Limits
Students planning to earn a Mineral Area College certificate or degree need to meet requirements of the catalog in effect when first enrolled or of any subsequent catalog. Students who discontinue enrollment for two consecutive semesters, summer excluded, will be required to follow the catalog in effect upon their return to Mineral Area College.