Steps for Accessing Mid-Term and Final Grades

After logging into MY MAC, click on the Student tab.  
Look at the smaller Student box on the left under the home tab, click on Unofficial Transcript and Grade Report.  

The Term defaults to the current term. To select a previous term, use the drop down box to make your selection.  

In the My Grade Report box on the right, select either View Final Grade Report or View Midterm Grade Report.  Note: Midterm grades are only posted for 1st 8 week, 2nd 8 week, and 16 week courses. Your schedule will indicate which of your classes would be in these terms.  

In the Grade Column, the grade of WIP (Work In Progress) appears until the instructor actually enters the grade. A grade of NR (Not reported by Instructor) will show only on the Final Grade Report indicating the Instructor has not submitted the grade.  

If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office: or or call 518-2130.