The Robotics, Automation, Design, & Information Technology Club





Welcome to the RAD I.T. Webpage

  • The RAD-I.T. club is comprised of members from the student body with four elected officers and two co-sponsors.
  • The group meets regularly at 10:00am on every third Friday of every month in T201 in the Technology building.

Mission: The Robotics, Automation, Design and Information Technology club seeks to promote scholastic efforts and student involvement in the areas of computers, computer science, electronics, computer-aided design, and engineering, as well as other related technical disciplines. It acts as a support group for students in these areas, facilitates student support for academic programs across these disciplines, and provides social and educational activities and opportunities for its membership. Any student may join. It seeks to carry out its mission by having regular meetings, attracting lecturers and demonstrators with skills knowledge, taking field trips, attending meetings, seminars, and conventions, and collaborating on technology projects and artifacts.