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  A+ Program


Eligibility Requirements

  • Official Copy of High School Transcript With A+ Seal
  • Enrolled Full-Time at Mineral Area College
  • Complete A+ Activation Form on MyMAC each Semester upon Enrollment
  • Pursuing a Certificate or Degree at Mineral Area College
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Annually

Maintaining Eligibility
Effective 7/31/2016

  • Enroll In, Maintain and Complete Full Time
  • Students Must Maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average at the End of their First Semester
  • Students Must Maintain a 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average at the End of the First Year and Forward
  • Students Must Complete a Minimum of Two-Thirds of all Coursework Attempted

Losing Eligibility

  • A+ students who do not meet the above requirements will lose eligibility for A+ funding.

Reinstatement of Eligibility

  • Funding May be Reinstated Upon Notification to the Financial Aid Office, if Enrollment in Subsequent Terms Increases Cumulative Grade Point Average to 2.5 or Higher and earn sufficient credit hours to remove the deficits. Students are responsible for all costs incurred during terms of enrollment in which reinstatement is being sought.

Courses Not Covered
Effective 7/31/2016

  • A+ Program Does Not Pay for Repeated Courses
  • A+ Program Does Not Pay for Dropped Courses
  • A+ Program Does Not Pay for Withdrawn or Incomplete Courses Above the Hours Needed to Maintain Full Time Enrollment Each Semester

Students With Disabilities

  • Number of Credit Hours Required for Full-time Attendance May be Adjusted for Students With Disabilities
  • Student is Still Required to Maintain 2.5 or Higher Cumulative Grade Point Average

Eligible Charges
Effective Date 3/30/2017

  • Tuition Only After the Pell Grant Has Been Applied to Tuition.

Eligibility Timeline

  • Four Years Following High School Graduation
  • Until an Associate Degree is Earned
  • Credit Hours Required to Complete Degree is 105% Earned (i.e., 62 Hours Required for AA Degree; A+ Will Pay up to 65 Credit Hours Earned)
    • This does not include dual-credit or dual enrollment credit earned while in High School.