Mineral Area College

Department of Public Safety

Instructors and Staff

The Mineral Area College Department of Public Safety consists of the Law Enforcement Academy, Criminal Justice Training Program, Fire and Rescue Academy, and Campus Police Officers.  The DPS employees are made up of Instructors, Campus Police and Classified Staff.   For education and training information for these employees click on their name.

Law Enforcement Academy Instructors

Mark Potratz~DPS Director

Rich Flotron~ Academy Director

Doug Ruess~ Coordinator of Criminal Justice

Chris Schmitt~ Instructor

Mark Aiken~ Adjunct Instructor

Mike McCarthy~ Adjunct Instructor

Warren Robinson~ Adjunct Instructor

Ron Ruess~ Adjunct Instructor

Dennis Smith~ Adjunct Instructor

Chad Helms~ Adjunct Instructor

Criminal Justice Training Instructors

Mark Potratz~ DPS Director/Park Hills & Online Instructor

Doug Ruess~ Coordinator of Criminal Justice

Rich Flotron~ Park Hills & Online Instructor

Chris Schmitt~ Park Hills & Online Instructor

Giovanni Carollo~ Park Hills & Online Instructor

James Gerwitz~ Park Hills Instructor

Walter Busch~ Potosi Campus Instructor

Sherry Keeling~ Winona Instructor

Jason Klaus~ Perryville Adjunct Instructor

Jason Kelly~ Perrycille Adjunct Instructor

Alan Frentzel~ Perrville Adjunct Instructor

Andrew Henson~ Dual Credit Instructor Central High School

Fire and Rescue Academy

Mark Potratz~DPS Director

Charles Farr~ Fire Academy Chief

Albert Henderson~ Coordinator for Grants, Curriculum & Site Management

Mark Mattina~ Continuing Education Coordinator


Campus Police

Chief Mark Potratz

Major Rich Flotron

Major Doug Ruess

Captain Chris Schmitt

Lieutenant Giovanni Carollo

Sergeant Amy Walker

Officer John Steele


Classified Staff

Paula Golden~ Administrative Assistant