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 2014 Contract Training

Mineral Area College Law Enforcement Academy offers a special contract training price to all Law Enforcement Agency's and officers.  For $125.00 per officer, you can attend any Continuing Education Training offered by Mineral Area College Law Enforcement Academy.  Please Note:  The Contract Training fee is non-refundable, although it may be transferred to another officer if paid for by an agency or department, as decided by the Director of the Law Enforcement Academy. 

Click here for the application and more information on our Contract Training.  


2014 Continuing Education

This program is designed for all licensed peace officers and licensed reserve officers, including those that are not currently commissioned. 

Every officer must successfully complete a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours of continuing education every three years to maintain their peace officer license.  Each licensed individual shall complete a minimum of four (4) hours in all four (4) core curricula areas. The core curricula areas are identified as:

Legal Studies

Interpersonal Perspectives ( a minimum of three (3) hours of Racial Profiling)

Technical Studies

Skill Development( a minimum of four (4) hours of some type of Firearms Skill Development)

Beginning January 1, 2013 every licensed peace officer or reserve officer with the authority to enforce motor vehicle or traffic laws, even if this is a duty they do not perform, shall obtain three credit hours of continuing education training regarding Racial Profiling each reporting year.


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