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Judicial Administration

This program is designed for students who plan to complete an Associates of Applied Science degree in Court Administration and work in a career of Court Administration, Court Clerk, and related services.

     A four-year degree is strongly advised for students interested in working for the federal government.  Students are offered two directions to choose to obtain employment in criminal justice:

  • They can follow the degree plan as noted below for an AAS in Judicial Administration;

  • They can seek the advice of their advisor to put them on a path for a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college.

Mineral Area College is excited about a new educational partnership with the Missouri Association of Court Administrators (MACA).  Mineral Area College is providing an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice with Judicial Administration emphasis.  If the CJ-Judicial Administrative Degree is achieved by MACA members, MACA will recognized this degree as achievement of the ADVANCED certified court administrator level.


For more information on this program  you can contact Doug Ruess at 573-518-2199/druess@mineralarea.edu or

Giovanni Carollo at 573-518-2247/gcarollo@mineralarea.edu.


Degree Plan