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Forensic Science


A degree in Forensics will prepare you to become a Crime Scene Technician/Investigator.  Crime scene technician’s work at all levels of law enforcement and in legal or medical examiner's offices. Crime scene technician’s become skilled in analyzing and preserving crime scenes by learning proper evidence recovery, collection and storage techniques. In addition, programs teach crime scene technician’s to become effective communicators, since many need to present their findings in court.

     This program is designed for students who plan to complete an Associates of Applied Science degree in Forensic Investigations and work in a career in investigations, both in law enforcement and the private sector.


     A four-year degree is strongly advised for students interested in working for the federal government.  Students are offered two directions to choose to obtain employment in criminal justice:

  • They can follow the degree plan as noted below for an AAS in Forensic Investigation;

  • They can seek the advice of their advisor to put them on a path for a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college.


Degree Plan