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Carry Concealed Weapon Program/

Firearms Safety Training



The Carrying Concealed Weapon Course is a non-Law Enforcement Training Program.

The Mineral Area College implements a Firearms Safety Training Program

that complies with the provisions of the Concealed Carry Statute.  This program

meets or exceeds all requirements for Firearms Training under the Conceal Carry Endorsement Law,

RSMo § 571.094. 

It is very important for every person who is considering submitting an application for a

Conceal Carry Endorsement to know that, by taking this course through the

Mineral Area College Law Enforcement Academy, they are receiving one of the most

professional Firearms Safety Training Courses available and that it fully complies with

all of the requirements under the law.

You have the option of bringing your own Firearms and FACTORY GRADE ONLY ammunition,

your equipment and supplies must pass inspection by the Mineral Area College Firearms Instructor.

 If you prefer not to bring your own equipment or don’t have the proper equipment, for an additional

$20 fee, we will provide all necessary equipment and supplies.  Participants are asked to bring a sack lunch.

Course Cost:

$80.00 if participant provides their own firearms and (Factory Grade Only) ammunition*

$100.00 if Mineral Area College provides firearms and ammunition

Note:  Personal equipment and supplies must be checked and approved by the

Mineral Area College Fire Arms Instructor prior to use by participant.

*If equipment does not pass inspection you will be required to use MACLEA equipment.


2012 Course Dates









Application Packet
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