Mineral Area College   

            Campus Security

Contacting Security

Office #: 573-518-2331

Cell #:   573-631-2831

Security Office is located in the Concourse Area of the Technology Building(straight across from Student Services).

In case of an emergency dial 911

(if using a college phone you must dial "9" first to get an outside line)

Here is an additional list of emergency contact numbers:

St. Francois County

Central Dispatch          

573-431-3131-for non emergency calls


National Poison Control Center         



National Substance Abuse Helpline  




Domestic Violence Hotline             



Missouri Division of Family Services Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline   



National Suicide Prevention Hotline  

1-800-784-2433  OR  1-800-273-8255



The primary function of the Mineral Area College Campus Security is to provide for the safety and welfare of all the members of the College community and others who are on campus.

     Campus Safety Officers have the full authority granted by Mineral Area College to enforce the rules and regulations as outlined in the Student and Staff Handbooks. If necessary, Campus Security Officers have the authority to detain individuals and request identification during the course of their security duties. 

     While the MAC Security officers do not have arrest powers, MAC does have commissioned District Police Officers on campus that have full powers of arrest.  If a situation arises that requires arrest powers, MAC Security will request the involvement of Law Enforcement Officers.  Full and constant cooperation between area Law Enforcement Agencies and the Mineral Area College Department of Public Safety ensures protection for all MAC community members and visitors.

     Mineral Area College Campus Security is available on campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Interested in a position with MAC Security?

Contact Mark Potratz, Interim Director-DPS

573-518-2148 or through email at