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  Distance Education Courses

Alternative and distance learning courses include web courses, hybrid courses, and telecourse. To access current course listings by delivery method, go to My MAC, select the Course Search tab and click the Course Search link. Then choose "Internet class", "Hybrid class", or "Telecourse" from the Campus drop down menu.

Web (Online) Courses

This format allows you to “attend” classes by logging onto the course’s Web page. You get your assignments, and read supplemental lecture or discussion material.

Not sure if online courses are right for you?

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Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are held 50% face-to-face and 50% online. Your instructor will provide a list of meeting dates during the first week of class. You will be required to complete some assignments online.


A telecourse is a full-credit course in which material traditionally covered in a classroom setting is delivered via video cassette lessons, which are also aired on television stations such as PBS.

Students receive a course syllabus with a schedule of assignments and tests. Exams are taken in the MAC Learning Center. Certain instructors allow exams to be taken at MAC outreach centers. Textbooks, DVD's, and Telecourse Guides for the courses are purchased at the campus bookstore. For further information, contact the instructor teaching the specific course.