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Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment





Thank you for your interest in Mineral Area College 's Dual and Enrollment Credit Programs.  The Program allows qualifying freshman (in limited cases), sophomores, juniors and seniors a great opportunity to get a head start on their college education while still in high school on their high school campus.  If you have previously taken or plan to take Dual Credit classes, you are to be commended for thinking ahead and utilizing this opportunity.

For any information that is not addressed at this site, contact your high school counselor or Traci Weissmueller at:

Telephone: (573) 518-3805
Postal address:
Mineral Area College
PO Box 1000
Park Hills, MO 63601


All enrollment materials are sent to, and can be obtained from, the high school counselor.  Eligible students will need to have a parent or legal guardian's signature on the provided enrollment form in order to enroll. 

Dual Credit Mission

The mission of the Dual Credit Program at Mineral Area College is to enable high performing high school students an opportunity to take affordable, high-quality, lower level college courses on their high school campuses.  The program also allows for enrichment and extension of the high school curriculum and avoidance of unnecessary duplication in course work as students move from high school to college.

Participating Schools

Arcadia Valley R-II High School

Bismarck R-V High School

Bunker R-III High School

Central R-III High School

Clearwater R-I High School

Farmington R-VII High School

Fredericktown R-I High School

Iron County C-IV High School

Kingston K-14 High School

Woodland R-IV High School 

Meadow Heights R-II High School

North County R-I High School

Oak Ridge High School

Perry County 32 High School

Potosi R-III High School

South Iron R-I High School

Southern Reynolds County

Summersville R-II High School

UniTec Career Center

Not all schools participate every semester and offer all courses described below. Check with your high school counselor.

Engineering Technology -
Project Lead the Way

To View Full List of Arts and Sciences Dual Credit Courses Use the Link Below -

Arts and Science Dual Credit Courses

**Courses available vary by each individual school and may be offered for the Fall and/or Spring semester.  Check with your high school counselor for course offerings at your school!

To View Full List of Career and Technical Dual Credit Courses Use the Link Below -

Career and Technical Dual Credit Courses

Student Tips and Resources:

Student Privileges

As a dual credit or dual enrollment student, you are a MAC student!  Once enrollment has been processed, students have access to materials provided by the campus library.  Students will receive a MyMac account and can use their student ID number to check out library materials.  Students can also utilize tutoring services through both on and off-campus Learning Centers.



2)  How do I access MyMac/Email Account?

If you are having problems accessing your MyMac/Email Account please contact the Helpdesk by email at or by phone at 518-2137.  Please make sure you have your name and student ID included in your email or phone call/message.  You can also go to the main MAC website and generate your username and password on your own by using the last four digits of your social security number. 

3)  What should I do if I lose or misplace my login information for MyMac/Email Account? 


*  By logging into MyMac you can also complete work in your web classes, view your account information, and check your email.

4)  How do I look at class options based on a career cluster/major?


Dual Credit Program Policy

New Higher Learning Commission Guidelines:

Dual Credit Instructor Non-Compliance Process:


Mineral Area College (MAC) Dual Credit Instructor Non-Compliance Process –

MAC dual credit instructors are strongly encouraged to attend the joint professional development day each fall.  In addition, site visits with department chairs are conducted the first year of teaching dual credit and every other year after. 
New dual credit instructors must complete the initial individual discipline specific site visit prior to the school year or course starting.  New dual credit instructors will also be strongly encouraged to attend the joint professional development day in the fall. 
If veteran dual credit instructors are on the rotation list for a site visit that academic year, and do not attend the professional development day, they must complete a site visit with their respective department chair.  The process for veteran instructors is as follows:

  • Dual credit coordinator attends first department chair meeting and distributes site visit list to all department chairs with dual credit instructor contact information.
  • Site visits are coordinated via email or phone contact by department chairs.
  • After professional development day is complete, the dual credit coordinator ensures the department chairs are aware of any veteran dual credit instructors under their department, who is mandated a visit for that year via the rotation list.  These instructors must have a site visit completed, because they were unable to attend the event on campus. 
  • After one week that the MAC department chair has made contact with the veteran dual credit instructor and receives no contact, they notify the dual credit coordinator.
  • The dual credit coordinator makes contact with the building principal to assist the department chair in scheduling site visit.
  • If a site visit still is not coordinated, the dual credit coordinator sends notice to building principal and dual credit instructor in writing suspending any future dual credit offerings by the instructor until a site visit is complete.