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Introduction to CoursEval

Mineral Area College has purchased an institution wide license for the use of CoursEval, a web-based evaluation tool.  This system will replace the paper student evaluations (SIRs) and is an advanced online survey tool.  It is available to individual instructors, programs, departments, and the campus as a whole.  The information collected is stored in a database where reports can be run at any time in different formats; including a comparative report for most surveys.

Student Evaluations will be conducted during the 12th and 13th week of classes for the spring/fall semesters.  More information will be sent via email to those instructors.  Results will be given to your respective dean to give to you after classes have ended for that semester.

Scheduled every fall and spring semester is the Consumer Information Survey.  It will also be sent out during the 12th and 13th week of the classes.  This survey includes all MAC classes, except for dual credit and Tech Prep classes.

CoursEval has been used for many other survey/evaluations; such as: 

  1. Classified Staff executive council voting
  2. Commuter Survey from Student Government
  3. Fredericktown Campus evaluated their students with a 1 Minute Survey
  4. Computer Services ran an evaluation of its employees.
  5. Human Resources had two surveys: Faculty Jenzabar Usage Survey and Leadership Survey

If you, or your department, are interested in using CoursEval for your survey needs, please complete the CoursEval Request Form.


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