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                                        Career & Technical Education

The mission of the Career & Technical Education Division is to provide programs designed to give the technical knowledge, manipulative skills, and general background necessary for successful achievement in technical and semiprofessional employment. There are two ways in which this is accomplished. The first way is to provide education for those who wish to prepare for initial employment. The program of studies is designed to provide select courses that prepare a student for entry level job skills. Some programs require a year of instruction leading toward a certificate. Other programs require two years of instruction leading to an Associate Degree, Associate of Applied Science Degree or Associate of Arts Degree. The second way is to provide education for those who desire to improve job skills. It is often necessary to schedule times and places for these experiences that are convenient to the working student.

In addition to the two broad categories discussed, it is essential that the courses and programs of career and technical education provide three basic opportunities: (1) to develop skills necessary in a chosen field; (2) to develop a background of related information, including both theory and practice, necessary for success; and (3) to develop personal and social traits necessary for employment and continuing success and advancement.

An integral part of most vocational/technical programs is the inclusion of related work or clinical experience specifically selected to correspond with classroom experiences. In addition, all graduates of this division must successfully complete a one-credit hour course, Preparation for Employment, designed to refine job search skills. This division is also committed to general education. In addition to the specialized and specialized-related courses, from one-fifth to one-fourth of the credits in the two-year vocational curricula are in the area of general education.

Some vocational certificate and degree programs are offered in cooperation with UniTec Career Center, Arcadia Valley Career Center, Perryville Area Career Center and the Cape Girardeau Area Career Center. Students should check with an advisor or the vocational dean’s office for more information.

The Career & Technical Education Division recognizes that not all students come to the college with the same backgrounds, interests and capabilities. Certain services are provided to more nearly provide all potential students an equal opportunity of success. In the past five years, programs have been developed to meet the special needs of many students. These programs have been very successful in recruiting and retaining students with special needs and as a result have received statewide recognition.



Allied Health Related:
Associate Degree Nursing (RN)
ADN - Advanced Placement

ADN - Advanced Placement - Hybrid

Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Therapy*
(*a year of coursework must be completed at the Cape CTC)




Automotive Collision Technology*
Automotive Technology*

Business Computer Programming
Business Management

Business Management -

Business Management-Pharmacy                   Technician
Business Management -


Child Development
Computer Networking
Construction/Building Technology*
Criminal Justice - Correctional                   Administration

Criminal Justice - Forensic Investigation
Criminal Justice - Judicial Administration
Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice - Security Management

Design & Wood Manufacturing*
         (Cabinet Making)

Digital Media Radio/TV Broadcasting*
Electrical Technology*

Electrical/Electronics Technology

Engineering Technology-

     Civil Architecture

Engineering Technology-

     Design Drafting

Engineering Technology -


Fire Science Technology

Graphic Arts/Printing Technology*

Horticulture - Landscape Design             and Greenhouse Nursery Management
Horticulture - Turfgrass Management
Heating, AC and Refrigeration

Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance Electronics
Industrial Maintenance Mechanical
Machine Tool Technology*
Office Systems Technology -                    Administrative Assistant

Office Systems Technology -                    Medical Coding    

Paramedic Technology

Physical Therapist Assistant*(*a year of coursework must be completed at the Cape CTC)
Renewable Energy Technology
Skilled Trades**
Welding Technology*



Automotive Collision Technology*

Automotive Technology*
Business Management

Child Development
Child Development Associate
Computer Networking
Connector and Conductor
Construction Building Technology*

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Academy -1000 hours
Design & Wood Manufacturing*

Digital Media Radio/TV Broadcasting*

Electrical Technology
Emergency Medical Technician
Fire Science
Graphic Arts Printing Technology*

Heating, AC and Refrigeration*
Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic
Industrial Maintenance
Logistics Technician
Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

Machine Tool Technology*

Office Systems Technology -                 Administrative Assistant

Office Systems Technology -

     Medical Coding

Paramedic Technology
Pharmacy Technician
Pneumatic Technician
Practical Nursing - LPN

Production Technician

Renewable Energy Technology

Welding Technology*



Gainful Employment Information
for Participating Certificates

* Denotes a degree or certificate offered in collaboration

with one of four area career and technical centers.

** Denotes a degree or certificate offered in collaboration with the United States Department of Labor

and Bureau of Apprenticeship Program.