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  Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Division offers the Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching, and the Associate of General Studies Degrees.

Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts Degree is the primary program through which the institution prepares students to transfer to a four-year institution with the intent of obtaining a baccalaureate education. The transfer degree is regulated by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education The CBHE has established guidelines for transfer credit which outline an expected general education core consisting of a required set of courses composed of a specific number of semester credit hours within designated areas.

To determine which MAC courses are accepted at selected four year transfer institutions, visit Transfer Equivalency Guidelines

The following areas of emphasis can be obtained in conjunction with the Associate of Arts degree.



Business Administration



Computer Information Systems

Earth Science


General Studies



Modern and Foreign Languages


Music Education

Physical Education


Political Science



Social Work





Pre-Dental Hygiene







Pre-Physical Therapy


Revised 4/5/2016


Associate of Arts Degree Plan 2014

Associate of Arts Degree Plan Fall 2018


Associate of Arts in Teaching

The Associate of Arts in Teaching is awarded to students seeking the first component of a degree in teacher education.  Students complete a core of general education courses and pre-professional teacher education courses as well as electives from their major area of study.  Students are encouraged to contact the coordinator of teacher education to obtain specific information about degree requirements and areas of study.  The AAT is a transferable degree articulated with all public universities and many private universities in Missouri. While completing the AAT at MAC, students should also work with the transfer institution for additional requirements.

Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree Plans

     Elementary and Early Childhood Education

     Secondary Education

     Special Education


Associate of General Studies

The Associate of General Studies Degree program denotes a completion of 62 approved credit hours, but it is less rigorous than the Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Arts in Teaching programs. This degree is not primarily geared for transfer to other institutions and is subject to a course by course evaluation if a student does transfer.

Associate of General Studies Degree Plan 2014

Associate of General Studies Degree Plan Fall 2018


The Arts and Sciences Division also offers other unique programs of which students may take advantage. They are the Honors Program and an Associate of Art in Pre-Engineering in conjunction with the University of Missouri-Rolla. Additional information on the special programs is available in the dean of Arts and Sciences’ office.