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Authors--"Home for Official Web Sites of Published Authors."  If you're looking for author information, this site is a good place to start. 


  • Car Wizard--Financing rates. Compare makes and models side-by-side.
  • Intelli Choice Car Center--Before you buy, lease, or sell . . . dealer invoice prices, ownership costs, used auto values, best leases, and more.

Baby Center--Great source of expert advice focused on pregnancy through age three.

Bible Gateway--A free service for reading and researching scripture online--all in the language or translation of your choice! 


  • Books--A gateway site featuring online texts, more than 50,000 book reviews, reading lists, biographical information on more than 800 authors, information on more than 4,000 booksellers, book news, and book events.
  • Book Hive--Reviews of children's books.  The site offers reviews from 21 categories, and searching is available by author, title, illustrator, reading level, reading interest, category, and number of pages.
  • Publishers--Hundreds of publishers from countries across the globe are represented on this site.

Business and Finance Resources

  • Bankrate.Com--Offers information on auto loans, checking, credit cards, credit unions, money markets, mortgages, tax forms, internet banking deals, online finance, personal loans, savings, and more.  
  • Better Business Bureau--Alerts & News, Business Report Databases, Charity Reports & Standards, Dispute Resolution, Online Complaint Forms, Resource Library, Locate BBB.
  • Internet Fraud Watch--Provides tips, bulletins, and other information about avoiding internet fraud and navigating the Net safely.  Can report possible fraud.
  • Missouri Small Business--Information available to help business owners and people interested in starting a business.
  • Salary Calculator--Use this calculator to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities.
  • Thomas Register--Thomas' Register of American Manufacturers lists products and services available from various companies by type of company, and it gives company profiles, addresses, and phone numbers. 

        Financial Calculators  


Mutual Fund Investor's Center--An education on mutual funds, this site provides news on funds, building your own portfolio, planning your retirement, tracking fund leaders by category, and finding tax information. Gives a selection of low-cost funds and tips for first-timers.


  • Fly Lady--Step through the door and follow FlyLady as she weaves her way through housecleaning and organizing tips with homespun humor.


Civil War History

Debtors Anonymous--Recovery from problems with debt.

Dieting/Weight Loss

  • Diet Watch--Enter your exercise schedule and meal plans into this online calendar and you'll get charts and graphs showing your progress.

  • Diet Talk--Offers chat groups and bulletin boards.  Directions to other sites via links.

  • Eat Right--Stop at this American Dietetic Association site to check the tip of the day and read nutrition news. 

  • Make the Connection--6,000 people inspired by Oprah Winfrey's book.

  • Mayo Health Clinic--The Mayo clinic's nutrition section is a wealth of weight-loss tips.  A virtual cookbook shows how to fix old favorites with a healthy twist. 

  • Prevention--This site features a year-long plan to keep you fit and trim, backed by dozens of can't-fail weight-loss tactics and advice from fitness and nutrition editors.


  • Divorce Central--A "one-stop service and support center for the divorced and divorcing."  This site is from the authors of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce."  
  • Divorce Net--One of the largest divorce sites on the Internet.  A useful section is the State-by-State Resource Center where you can find lawyers, bar associations and FAQs about state laws.
  • Divorce Source--Offers a legal dictionary and has numerous articles on the financial, legal and emotional aspects of divorce.

Domestic Violence

  • Family Violence Prevention Fund--Dedicated to preventing domestic violence through educational programs, the FVPF tracks the latest news and research in the field; it also includes useful fact sheets, personal sotries, and links to related sites.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline--Staffed by trained bilingual (Spanish and English) counselors, this national helpline also offers information on shelters, legal assistance, and educational topics.


  • Internet Movie Database--Provides updated news and gossip about upcoming productions, and offers reviews about older films.
  • Movie Lens--Helps movie fans find films they haven't yet seen but are likely to enjoy. Enter basic information about yourself, as well as a list of your favorite films, and Movie Lens does the rest.


  • Archive of Recipes--Search the archives for (67,180 recipes currently indexed)--Browse restricted diets--or--view recipes from different ethnic groups.
  • Cooking:  Chocolate--Delve into mounds of recipes or catch up on the latest news and chocolate events from around the globe.
  • Kitchen Link--A comprehensive collection of food-related links. 


  • Garden Escape--Home gardeners will find this multi-dimensional resource useful and fun to use.  From an online magazine and chat rooms to the "garden doctor" and an on-site garden planner.

Genealogy:  Ancestry's Daily News--Resource for family history research.

Global Development--The Center for Global Development is a research based, actionable ideas for the fight against global proverty.

Greeting Cards

  • Castle Mountains--Gives users an enormous range of image categories to choose from. 

History Channel--This Day in History--Join a history discussion group, take quizes on history knowledge, read "Milestones of the Millennium," and answer today's question.  An information-rich site.


Home Improvement

  • Hometime--Offers all types of projects--kitchens, decks, log homes, plumbing, and storage.
  • Housenet--This site has remodeling ideas and a guide to easy repairs. It has a searchable library of do-it-yourself information. HouseNet offers home decorating, sewing, savings, and shopping ideas.
  • Bob Vila--You can order Bob's favorite building plans here. It also provides advice from a team of experts and animated talking tools, and helps you plan a working budget.

Identity Theft--Theft Resource Center's Web site.

Internet Fraud Watch--Provides tips, bulletins, and other information about avoiding Internet fraud and navigating the Net safely.



  • Book Adventure--A free, web-based reading incentive program dedicated to helping kids read.
  • Kids Domain--Features hundreds of games, play sites, icons and contests, plus an excellent holiday craft and activities section.


  • Lawyers-- Find a lawyer, learn about the law, know your legal options.


  • Map Blast--Find local maps and driving directions.  Perfect for taking a spin around the block or around the world.
  • Map Quest--Looking for an address, town, or zip code? Get and print maps worldwide! Driving directions door-to-door and city-to-city. Travel Guide: hotels, dining, city info, weather, Mobil travel guide ratings, prices, descriptions, and more . . .

Motivation--Resource for daily motivation and inspiration, including quotes, tips, and stories to help you lead a successful life.

National Issues--Presents summary information on issues of national importance such as defense, education, foreign policy, gun control, social security, and taxes.

News--Get breaking news in real time on-line.

  • USA Today--The national newspaper's online mix of news, sports, weather, business updates and entertainment features has made it the most popular newspaper site on the WWW.
  • MSNBC--Updates on breaking news stories, hourly video headlines and in-depth reports--many multi-media--from MSNBC and NBC News correspondents. 
  • New York Times on the Web--Full text of the newspaper, Web-exclusive technology coverage, and feeds from the Associated Press and Reuters wires, updated every 10minutes. 
  • NewsLink--Links to newspapers, broadcasters and magazines and JobLink advertising
  • Yahoo!  Full Coverage--Detailed reports of recent news events, by subject, frommajor newspapers and other media outlets worldwide.


  • Eat Right--Facts on eating and nutrition from the American Dietetic Association. Offers tips to promote sound nutrition information and offer information for meal planning, food nutrition and help in finding dietitians.

Parenting--Helps parents with child rearing, and offers information on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care.


  • Kodak--Online tutorials on light and composition, a glossary of photographic terms and tips for snapping shots of babies, sports and a slew of other subjects. 
  • New York Institute of Photography--World's oldest and largest photography school designed this site "for anyone who loves photography and wants to take better photographs." 
  • Sight Photo--Online magazine houses one of the most impressive photography collection on the Web.

Physical Fitness

  • links to hundreds of sites about everything from climbing to exercising at work. 
  • Senior Fitness--A well-rounded site of information for people older than 50.  


  • Academy of American Poets--Provides a lively forum for discussion and helpful listings of poetry exhibits, awards and programs. 


  • books, computers, games, and music.
Smart Bargains--Top brands.


  • Baseball--Official Site of Major League Baseball 
  • Basketball--National Basketball Association Official Site
  • Football--Official Site of the National Football League
  • Soccer--Official Major League Soccer site
  • Sporting News--Team stories written by reporters for local newspapers
  • Snow Skiing--Contains information and updates on weather, travel, equipment and technique. Also, has a country-by-country index of conditions at a dizzying variety of resorts. 
  • Tickets--Get tickets here.  If you're looking for front-row seats, check the ticket auction area.

States--Provides comprehensive and comparative information on the public policies of all 50 states. It contains current and archived news, a calendar of events, and background information about the states and governments.


  • Taxes--Internal Revenue Service's The Digital Daily provides information on income taxes, regulations, and more.

Telephone Plans--A great tool for figuring out which service plan is best for your needs.


  • Biz Travel--Designed for frequent business travelers, this site offers online reservations and ticketing, information on airports and destinations, and a system that can track your points and miles for several frequent flyer programs.
  • 1Travel.Com--Find last minute deals, and search through thousands of flights at this comprehensive site, which focuses on discount travel.
  • Travel O City--Type where you want to go and when you want to leave and return into this site's search engine, and in a matter of moments, you'll get a list of numerous flight options.


  • Accu-Weather--View national and local radar weather maps, check the five-day forecast , and look at maps with close-up details.
  • The Weather Channel --Good for breaking weather news. Offers the latest updates on storms and snowfall. Search forecasts by city and time of day.

Website Development--A network of sites providing guidance for creating and operating a website.

Weight Loss Programs

  • Diet Watch--Lets you track extensively your eating habits and weight-loss progress.
  • E-diets--Gender-specific weight-loss profiling, practical exercise tips plus help-groups and an online help desk. 
  • Weight Focus--Webcasts and articles on demystifying weight-loss strategies, diet and good health.  Refreshing, health-based approach.


Zip Codes--United States Postal Service--zip codes, post office locator, stamps online, change of address, track/confirm, rate calculator.