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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the main reason for the tobacco-free policy at Mineral Area College?

Mineral Area College is concerned with maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students, employees and visitors.  Research findings show that the use of tobacco products in general constitutes a significant health hazard.

2.  How will the policy be enforced?

The successful implementation of the policy will engage everyone in creating a culture of compliance.  Using scripted messages, employees and students will courteously remind any employee, student, or visitor that MAC prohibits the use of all tobacco products on the college property.  This policy will be enforced like any other student conduct/employee regulation violation.

3.  Why is there not designated smoking areas on campus?

The goal of the policy is to make MAC a healthy place to live, work and learn.  Given the rationale for going tobacco-free, designated areas don’t make sense.

4.  What do I do if I see someone violating the tobacco-free policy?

Compliance is everyone’s business.  You are asked to approach the person in a kind, compassionate manner.  You may say, “Are you aware that we are now a tobacco-free campus, meaning that tobacco products are prohibited on our grounds.” Or “MAC is a tobacco-free environment, we appreciate your support in following this policy.”

5.  Can a student turn in a faculty or staff member using tobacco?  How could this affect the student-faculty relationship?

Compliance to the tobacco-free policy is the responsibility of all parties.  Violation of this regulation may result in corrective action under the student code of conduct, Human Resources Policies and Procedures, or other applicable Regulations or Policies.  This policy will not affect the student-faculty relationship any more than any other policy on campus.

6.  How can MAC justify prohibiting smokeless tobacco when it does not affect the health of those around the individual using the product?

Smokeless tobacco products are harmful and are not a safe alternative to smoking.  Mineral Area College wants to display a healthy environment for students, faculty and staff.

7.  Why are electronic cigarettes included in the policy?

Electronic cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation tool.  Nicotine replacement products such as gum and patches are allowed on campus.

8.  Does the tobacco policy mean that smokers can no longer work or attend classes at Mineral Area College?

No.  The new policy means that no one may smoke or use tobacco on the Mineral Area College campus.  Employees and students can continue to use tobacco, but not on campus.

9.  What resources are available for students or employees that want to quit or need to manage their cravings while on campus?

MAC offers free cessation classes to students, faculty and staff. 

See Smoking Cessation Resources for more information.