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  Arcadia Valley Outreach Center

MAC classes are all held at the Career-Technology building on the Arcadia Valley school campus.

Contact Information:

Steve Pursley , Arcadia Coordinator
Arcadia Valley R-2 Schools
650 Park Drive
Ironton, MO 63650

Phone: 573-546-9700 ext. 4
FAX: 573-546-6956

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 3:30 from Aug. 1 through May 31.


From Park Hills, go south on Hwy. 67 and exit west on Highway W. Go west approximately 8 miles to Highway V. Turn right on V to Arcadia Valley. Turn left on Highway 21 in Arcadia Valley. Go approximately 1/2 mile. Turn right onto Main Street then turn left on Park Drive. The school campus is on the left. Arcadia Valley Career Tech sits behind the high school/middle school building.