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Status Report for the Adoption and Implementation
of Missouri's General Education Credit Transfer Policy


General Education Reporting Matrix -- Managing Information

 State-Level Goals
Skill Areas

Institutional Competencies

Courses and Credit Hours



To develop students’ abilities to locate, organize, store, retrieve, evaluate, synthesize, and annotate information from print, electronic, and other sources in preparation for solving problems and making informed decisions.

Students will demonstrate the ability to...

access and/or generate information from a variety of sources, including technological information services such as searching the internet, word processing, and spreadsheets.

evaluate information for its currency, usefulness, and accuracy.

organize, store, and retrieve information efficiently.

reorganize information for an intended purpose, such as research projects.

present information clearly and concisely using traditional and contemporary technologies, such as an oral presentation or Power Point presentation.

produce professional documents, such as letters, spreadsheet, and database reports.

3 credit hours

any CIS or CSC course

Students can receive technical instruction in the Information Technology Lab.

Free Internet access available to all students at several locations throughout the campus.

1. All courses use a multiple-measures pedagogy that includes both formative and summative evaluation.

2. Each semester, periodic department-level meetings review courses and student performance.

3. A faculty General Education Committee reviews the program annually.