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  Mineral Area College Policy on Complaint Resolution

Individuals seeking information regarding the process of complaint resolution may consult with any of the following offices or individuals for assistance.  Complaints may be filed as follows:

College Life:  Complaints including but not limited to all areas of student life such as student activities and organizations, dining services, and all other aspects of student services should filed with the Dean of Students.

Student Accounts:  Complaints in regard to student billing and/or charges should be filed with the Business Manager.

College Housing:  Complaints in regard to room and board should be filed with the Director of College Park or the Dean of Students.

Academic Affairs/Grade Disputes:  Complaints in regard to grade disputes should be filed with the instructional dean’s offices, Dean of Arts and Science Division, or the Dean of the Career and Technical Division.

Human Resource Management:  Complaints in regard to Mineral Area College employees should be filed with the Human Resource Manager.

Criminal Misconduct:  Complaints of criminal misconduct should be filed directly with the Mineral Area College Director of Public Safety.  Complaints relating to violations of Federal law should be filed directly with the Federal agency having cognizance over the matter in question (e.g., violations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act within the U.S. Department of Education).

Mineral Area College Student Due Process and other grievance policies as published by the college should be followed for all complaints.  All informal and formal institutional processes must be followed, and exhausted prior to filing a formal complaint with the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE).  The complaint must be submitted in writing, using the MDHE complaint from available on the department’s website along with instructions on how to proceed.

A copy of the Mineral Area College Student Due Process policy may be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students.

August 2011