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Status Report for the Adoption and Implementation
of Missouri's General Education Credit Transfer Policy


General Education Reporting Matrix -- Humanities and Fine Arts

 State-Level Goals
Skill Areas

Institutional Competencies

Courses and Credit Hours



To develop students’ understanding of the ways in which humans have addressed their conditions through imaginative work in the humanities and fine arts; to deepen their understanding of how that imaginative process is informed and limited by social, cultural, linguistic, and historical circumstances; and to appreciate the world of the creative imagination as a form of knowledge.

Students will demonstrate the ability to...

identify, discuss, and evaluate the vocabularies, concepts, terms, and basic elements used in the creative construction of forms and genres in the humanities and fine arts.

demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between human expression in the humanities and fine arts and the values of the society that produced it. This includes the ability to explore in writing and demonstrate by test an understanding of historical, cultural, and social context of the humanities in a given culture at a particular time.

recognize and assess by test and written presentations the origins, scope, function, and contributions of past achievements in the humanities and fine arts and how they relate to contemporary forms.

recognize and assess the interrelationship of the various disciplines within the humanities and fine arts and with other fields of intellectual achievement.

put into use some of the various forms of communication humans may use when they strive to express ideas and feelings about their experiences and their world.

identify and apply in writing and understanding an application of the criteria used to make critical judgments and form opinions about the humanities and fine arts (description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation).

9 credit hours

Art History I, II, III, Art 149, 150, Art 151: Intro to Humanities, Art 153: Intro to Literature: Prose and Poetry, Eng 157: Literary Masterpieces I, II, Eng 212, Eng 213: American Literature I, II, Eng 243, Eng 244: Intro to Literature: Drama Eng 158: English Literature I, II, Eng 233, Eng 234: Readings in Short Fiction, Eng 246: Multicultural Literature, Eng 250: Intro to Theatre, The 100: World Drama, The 212: Intro to Cinema, Com 106: Music Theory I, II, III, IV, Mus 131, Mus 132, Mus 133, Mus 134: Introduction to Music, Mus 173: Appreciation of Music, Mus 163, Appreciation of Jazz, Mus 165: Intro to Philosophy, Phi 140: Intro to Ethics, Phi 142 Western Civilization I, II, His 113, His 114: Ethnicity and Cultural Difference in America, Soc 160: Comparitive Religion, Phi 141: History of Christianity, His 119: Modern Latin America, His 150: World Civ. I, II, His 110, His 152

The list should also include any modern language course.

*all classes listed above are offered for 3 hours credit.

Students are encouraged to attend cultural events presented on campus, such as art exhibits, theater productions, and musical performances.

1. All Courses use a mutiple-measures pedagogy that includes both formative and summative evaluation.

2. Each semester, periodic department-level meetings review courses and student performance.

3. A faculty General Education Committee reviews the program annually.

4. Faculty members, The Dean of Arts and Sciences, The Director of Assessment, and The Dean of Students meet monthly on an assessment committee.