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Status Report for the Adoption and Implementation
of Missouri's General Education Credit Transfer Policy


II. Proposed 42-Hour General Education Core

Communications                                                  9 hours

            Three (3) courses - two (2) of which must be written
            (ENG133, ENG134); one (1) oral communication
            (ENG144, ENG167, ENG200).

Humanities                                                            9 hours

            Three (3) courses from at least two (2) disciplines, three
            (3) hours of which must be a cultural diversity course:

             Art History I, II, III (ART149, ART150, ART151),

            Intro. to Humanities (ART152)

            Intro. to Literature: Prose and Poetry (ENG157)

           *Literary Masterpieces I or II (ENG212, ENG213)

           English Literature I or II (ENG233, ENG 234)

           American Literature I or II (ENG243, ENG244)

            Readings in Short Fiction (ENG246)

            *Multicultural Literature (ENG250)

            Intro. to Literature: Drama (THE120)

            Intro. to Theater (ENG151)

            *World Drama (ENG172)

            Foreign Language:
            *Any Modern Language Course

            Mass Communications
            *Introduction to Cinema (COM106)

            Music Theory I, II, III, or IV (MUS131, MUS132, MUS133, MUS134)

            Introduction to Music (MUS163)

            Appreciation of Jazz (MUS165)

            Intro to Philosophy (PHI140)

            *Comparative Religion (PHI141)

            Intro to Ethics (PHI142)

            History of Christianity (HIS119)

            Western Civilization I or II (HIS113, HIS114)

            *Modern Latin America (HIS150)

            *World Civilization I (HIS110)

            *World Civilization II (HIS152)

            *Ethnicity and Cultural Differences in America (SOC160)

            NOTE: No studio courses count as a humanity. Ensemble courses (MUS101,
            MUS102, MUS105, MUS106) do not count as a humanity, but up to six (6) hours of ensemble
            courses do count toward the A.A. degree as electives.

            *Course satisfies cultural diversity requirement.

Physical and Biological Sciences                            8-10 hours

            Two (2) courses, one from each discipline, including
            at least one (1) with its associated laboratory component.

Mathematics                                                       3 hours

            One (1) course--College Algebra (MAT123), or an
            alternative that includes a significant component of College
            Algebra, or a course which has College Algebra as a

History and Political Science                                  6 hours

            For students in the Arts and Science Division, the legal
            requirement in the U.S. and state government and the history of
            American institutions may be met by completing six (6) hours
            in the following combinations; 1. American History I & II
            (HIS123 and HIS124); 2. American National Government and
            America State and Local Government (POS113 and
            POS114); 3. American History I and American National
            Government or American State and Local Government
            (HIS123 and POS113, or POS114); or, 4. America National
            Government and American History I or II (POS113 and
            HIS123 or HIS124).

Social & Behavioral Sciences                                      3 hours

            One (1) course--Three semester hours in a Psychology
            (PSY) or Sociology (SOC) course or Principles of Macroeconomics
            (BUS293) or Principles of Microeconomics (BUS294). 

Computer Information Systems                                    3 hours

            One (1) course beginning with CIS or CSC prefix.

General Education Elective                                                                      As necessary to fulfil 42 hour block

Total General Education                             42 hours