Please feel free to contact any of the Council members listed below with concerns and ideas that may be beneficial to Classified Staff.  The Council explores and reviews all suggestions to see if there is merit in moving them forward to the administration for implementation. 

2017-2018 Council Back: Chris and Paula

Front: Robbin, Susan, Scottye, and Connie



2018-2019 Council

  Chris Visnovske, President

  Scott Collinsworth, Vice President
  Tina Boren, Secretary
  Tippi Seals, Historian
  Scottye Adkins, Treasurer

  Paula Goldon, Past President



2017-2018 Council

  Paula Goldon, President

  Chris Visnovske, Vice President

  Susan Craft, Secretary

  Robbin Stegall, Historian
  Scottye Adkins,Treasurer

  Connie Hester, Past President


2016-2017 Council

  Roy Henson, President
  Paula Goldon, Vice President


Robbin Stegall, Secretary
  Tippi Seals, Historian
  Chris Weiss,Treasurer
  Connie Hester, Past President


2015-2016 Council

  Connie Hester, President
  Roy Henson, Vice President

Robbin Stegall, Secretary
  Janet Porter, Historian  

  Chris Weiss,Treasurer
  Hilary Sloke, Past President  


2014-2015 Council

  Hilary Sloke, President  
  Connie Hester, Vice President
  Paula Golden, Secretary

  Robbin Stegall, Historian
  Sue Ross,Treasurer
  Erin Sites, Past President


2013-2014 Council

  Erin Sites, President
  Hilary Merz,Vice President  
  Kim Skaggs, Secretary
  Robbin Stegall, Historian
  Connie Holder,Treasurer
  Wendell Johnson, Past President


2012-2013 Council

  Wendell Johnson, President
  Erin Sites,Vice President
  Hilary Merz, Secretary  
  Robbin Stegall, Historian
  Therese Bennett,Treasurer  

  Rhonda Bales, Past President


2011-2012 Council

  Rhonda Bales, President
  Wendell Johnson, Vice President

  Angela Seals, Secretary

  Therese Bennett/Robbin Stegall, Historians

  Erin Sites, Treasurer

  Nancy Crader, Past President    


2010-2011 Council

  Nancy Crader, President    
  Rhonda Bales, Vice President  
  Robbin Stegall, Secretary
  Julie Estes , Historian    
  Kathy Waller, Treasurer  
  Debbie Portell, Past President


2009-2010 Council

  Debbie Portell, President

  Nancy Crader, Vice President    
  Lisa Johnson, Secretary
  Mary Sansoucie, Historian
  Barb England, Treasurer    
  Julia Goggins, Past President  



  Sandy Price, President    
  Sherry Cooper, Vice President    
  Debbie Portell, Secretary    
  Patsy Hunt, Treasurer    
  Mary Sansoucie, Historian    
  Lisa Johnson, Past President    



  Lisa Johnson, President    
  Sandy Price, Vice President    
  Nancy Crader, Secretary    
  Patty McFarlin, Treasurer    
  Sherry Cooper, Historian    
  Janet Porter, Past President    



  Janet Porter, President    
  Lisa Johnson, Vice President    
  Mary Rippee, Secretary    
  Kathy Brinkley, Member-At-Large    
  Barb England, Past President    



  Barb England, President    
  Janet Porter, Vice President    
  Kim Graham, Secretary    
  Cleta Cash, Member-At-Large    
  Connie Hester, Past President    



  Connie Hester, President    
  Barb England, Vice President    
  Therese Bennett, Secretary    
  Cindy Hahn, Member-At-Large    
  Lisa Edburg, Past President    



  Lisa Edburg, President    
  Connie Hester, Vice President    
  Patsy Hunt, Secretary    
  Susan Marler, Member-At-Large    
  Nancy Collier, Past President    



  Nancy Collier, President    
  Lisa Edburg, Vice President    
  Mary Rippee, Secretary    
  Susan Marler, Member-At-Large    



  Linda King, President    
  Nancy Collier, Vice President    
  Pam Bruce, Secretary    
  Susan Marler, Member-At-Large    


Adopted 1997

  Anna Hatridge, President  

  Linda King, Vice President    
  Tina Duncan, Secretary   l
  Susan Marler, Member-At-Large    


Over the years MAC Classified Staff has assisted in establishing various projects on behalf of classified staff including:

    • Annual Christmas Celebration
    • MCCA Classified Staff Workshop - March 2000
    • Education Incentive - June 1999
    • Adopt-A-Soldier
    • Food Drives


    2015-2016 Council Back: Robbin, Hilary, Connie, Chris, Janet, Front: Roy