Business Applications OST208

Course Syllabus




Mrs. Melynda Barks Office #: 34 - Hours: TBA

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            I.     DISCRIPTION OF COURSE: Students will complete eight projects using Microsoft Office XP, E-mail, Internet, Intranet, and Outlook. The purpose of the simulation is to prepare students to perform activities that executive and administrative secretaries in any type of organization might be expected to perform.


          II.     MATERIALS FOR COURSE: The Sports Connection: Microsoft Office XP Integrated Simulation. by VanHuss and Forde, South-Western Educational Publishing, 2004. 3-Ring Binder.


        III.     OBJECTIVES:

1.      To understand how communication and organization help achieve business goals.

2.      To improve writing skills needed in business.

3.      To improve decision making skills and setting priorities.

4.      To review fundamental correct usage of the English language.

5.      To emphasize ethics and human relations

6.      To simulate real-life computer applications within a business operation.


        IV.     COMPENTENCIES:

1.      Students will demonstrate tact and a positive attitude in written communication.

2.      Students will produce mailable business documents from rough drafts and dictation.

3.      Students will demonstrate organizational skills and meeting deadlines.


          V.     ATTENDANCE:

Students are expected to attend class. This class will be on a self-paced basis, however, students may complete all of the assignments before the end of the semester. Students need to stay in contact with Instructor on a weekly basis.


        VI.     SPECIAL NEEDS:

If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need any test or course materials provided in an alternate format, notify your instructor immediately. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs.


      VII.     EVALUATION:

60% = Assignments 40% - Binder/Final


Final Grading Scale:

92-100% = A 82-91% = B

72-81% = C 60-71% = D






Revised January 2005