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Course Description: Effective business writing skills, as well as presentation and human interaction skills, are covered by the text-workbook format.  Learning, analyses, practice, and application are combined.


Course Materials: Effective Communication for Colleges, 10th Edition, Brantley and Miller, South-Western, 2005.


Competencies: (Students will be able to)

(a)  identify errors which cause miscommunication

(b)  demonstrate tactful, professional verbal skills

(c)  compose tactful, professional business letters for various situations

(d)  understand challenges of ethical communication


Objectives: (Students will)

(a)  learn how to state concerns in nonthreatening, unbiased ways

(b)  learn the impact body language makes

(c)  compare, contrast, and compose various types of business letters

(d)  compose sentences to illustrate various structures and punctuation rules

(e)  improve spelling

(f)  practice making presentations

(g)  experience and understand the importance of written, spoken, and unspoken words in         the world of business

(h)  experience and understand how a subordinate/superior/peer can affect one’s self esteem through communication




(2)   In addition to exams and end-of-the-chapter questions, several business letters will be composed, typed, and graded.

(3)   Each student will work with a partner and prepare one bulletin board display.

(4)   Each student will prepare one PowerPoint presentation over topic approved by instructor.

(5)   Other group projects/assignments to be determined by the instructor.



At the end of the semester, points will be added and letter grades will be assigned according the following scale:    92% - 100% = A                     72% - 81% = C

                                                    82% -   91% = B                 60% - 71% = D




Course Content: (Units Taught)

Chapter 1 –      Partners for Effective ‘Communication’

Chapter 2 –      The Six C’s of Effective Messages

Chapter 3 –      The Communication-by-Objectives Approach

Chapter 4 –      Communication and Electronic Technology

Chapter 5 –      Good News and Neutral News Messages

Chapter 6 –      Bad News Messages

Chapter 7 –      Persuasive Messages

Chapter 8 –      Job Searches, Resumes, and Cover Letters

Chapter 9 –      Applications, Interviews, and Follow-up Messages

Chapter 10 –    Visuals, Presentations, and Instructions

Chapter 11 –    Reports in the Workplace


Special Needs:

If any student will need any academic adjustments or auxiliary aids for this class due to disability, please advise the instructor after the first class meeting.


Missed Homework/Assignments/Exams/Quizzes:

There will be no make-up of missed quizzes.  No late work will be accepted after due dates.  The student should obtain missed lecture notes and assignments from another student.  Missed lecture notes should be obtained from another student.  MISSED EXAMS MAY NOT BE MADE UP.  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND CLASSES ON DAYS OF THE EXAMS.  THERE WILL BE ONE (1) TEST SCORE DROPPED AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.  NO CELL PHONES ALLLOWED.   If for some reason you are unable to attend class, please have assignments turned in on due date.  No credit will be given for assignments after class time of due date.





Revised August 2005