Course Syllabus - 1 Credit Hour


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I. Description of Course: Fundamentals of operating the ten-key number pad on a calculator using

touch techniques, with emphasis on speed and accuracy development.

II. Prerequisite: None

III: Materials for Course:

A. Touch Operation of the Electronic Calculator Jones-Adair & Young. South-Western Publishing Co., 3rd Ed.

B. Pen and Pencil

IV. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to develop a high level of

skill in the use of the ten-key calculator.

A. To demonstrate the use of proper fingering techniques.

B. To demonstrate a working knowledge of the operating controls.

C. To demonstrate the use of speed and accuracy in operating the machines.

V. Course Content:

A. Unit 1: Basic Ten-Key Operations

B. Unit 2: Memory and Special Operations

C. Unit 3: Basic Computer Keypad Operations

VI. Course Competencies: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

A. Be able to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the touch method.
B.    Be able to perform the four arithmetic processes using decimals.
C.           Demonstrate the ability to solve problems containing fractions.
D.           Demonstrate the ability to solve problems containing percents
E   Be able to distribute amounts in distribution problems.
F.           Be able to sum problems by combining arithmetic processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

VII. Student Evaluation: 50 % - Assignments 25% progress checks 25 % - Final Exam

Final Grading Scale: 92 - 100% = A 82 - 91% = B 73 - 81% = C 60 - 72% = D

VIII. Special Policies

A. Attendance: Regular attendance is expected. A student may be dropped for non-attendance following excessive absences. If a student plans to withdraw from the course, it is his/her responsibility to officially withdraw from the class.

B. Assignment Due Dates: The due date of each assignment will be announced. NO LATE

WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Missed lecture notes should be obtained from another student.

C. Missed Exams and Pop Quizzes: MISSED EXAMS AND/OR POP QUIZZES MAY NOT BE MADE UP. One (1) exam grade will be dropped at the end of the semester.

D. Academic Honesty: Students who engage in dishonest acts such as plagiarism or other forms of cheating in meeting the requirements of this course will be notified by the instructor that they are receiving a 0 for the assignment and/or an F for the course. Students who wish to appeal the decision of the instructor on a matter of dishonesty may do so under the Procedural Policy for Disciplinary Action. (Under that policy, the student is subject to suspension from college for acts of dishonesty.)
E. Use of College Open Labs: Students may use only college software; no personal software is allowed in the labs. No college software will be illegally copied for personal, education, or business use. No college software or hardware may be removed from the labs. Personal, non-educational use of lab equipment and supplies is to be restricted.NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM.
F. Special Needs: If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need any test or course materials provided in an alternative format, notify your instructor immediately. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs.


This syllabus represents the planned objectives, content, learning experiences, evaluation process, and competencies. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus as needed.


Revised August 2005