Course Syllabus - 3 Credit Hours



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I.             Description of Course: This course will develop keyboarding speed and accuracy and build production-level mastery on a wide variety of business documents.


II.           Prerequisite:  Keyboarding I (OST100) or permission of the instructor.


III:         Materials for Course:

A.               College Keyboarding and Document Processing for Windows, 10th Edition, Ober, Hanson, Johnson, Rice.  Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2006.


IV.          Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

               A.           Key straight copy at a speed of 50 words a minute with two or fewer errors.

               B.           Produce documents using correcting language, word usage, and punctuation.

               C.           Create mailable documents--letters, memos, notices, reports, tables, newsletters, and brochures—

from printed, handwritten, edited, and unarranged copy.


V.           Course Content:  Selected exercises will be assigned from the following lessons:

               A. Skill Refinement           Lessons 61-65                    G. Reports                                          Lessons 91-95

               B. Correspondence            Lessons 66-70                    H. Tables                                            Lessons 96-100

               C. Reports                           Lessons 71-75                    I. Designing Office Forms                              Lessons 101-105

               D. Tables                             Lessons 76-80                    J. Designing Office Publications     Lessons 106-110

               E. Filling in Forms             Lessons 81-85                    K. Specialized Applications             Lessons 111-115

               F. Correspondence             Lessons 86-90                    L. In-Basket Review                          Lessons 116-120              


VI.          Course Competencies: Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

               A.           Prepare Mailable Letters

                              1.            Format a modified block letter

                              2.            Format a simplified block letter

                              3.            Format a block letter

               B.           Prepare Tables

                              1.            Format tables with blocked column heads and with centered heads

                              2.            Format letters and memos with tables

                              3.            Format tables with keyed leaders and rulings

               C.           Prepare Reports

                              1.            Format left bound and unbound reports

                              2.            Format a title page for a different styles reports

                              3.            Format a report with endnotes and references

                              4.            Format a report with a table(s)

               D.           Prepare letters with Special Features

                              1.            Format letters with Special Notation

                              2.            Format letters with Attention Line

                              3.            Format letters with Reference Line

                              4.            Format letters with Subject Line

                              5.            Format letters with Company Name

                              6.            Format letters with Enclosure Notation

                              7.            Format letters with Copy Notation

                              8.            Format letters with Postscript

                              9.            Format multipage letters

               E.            Prepare Memos

                              1.            Format standard style memos

                              2.            Format simplified style memos

               F.            Prepare Administrative Communications

                              1.            Format minutes of a meeting

                              2.            Format a news release

                              3.            Format an itinerary

                              4.            Format an agenda


VII.        Student Evaluation:

                              30% of Grade = Assignments                                                       30% of Grade = Timed Writings

                              20% of Grade = Tests (Production & Written)                          20% of Grade = Final Exam

               Final Grading Scale:

                              92 - 100% = A          82 - 91%   = B                              72 - 81%   = C                    60 - 71%   = D

               Time Writing Scale:

                              50+ wpm              = A (0-2 errors)

                              45 - 49 wpm         = B (3-5 errors)

                              40- 44 wpm          = C (6-8 errors)

                              35 - 39 wpm         = D (9-10 errors)


VIII.       Special Policies


A.           Attendance:  Regular attendance is expected.  A student may be dropped for non-attendance following excessive absences.  Six absences will be considered excessive for this course (MWF).  If a student plans to withdraw from the course, it is his/her responsibility to officially withdraw from the class.

B.           Assignment Due Dates: The due date of each assignment will be announced.  NO LATE


C.           Missed Exams and Assignments:  Missed lecture notes should be obtained from another student.  MISSED EXAMS MAY NOT BE MADE UP.  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ATTEND CLASSES ON DAYS OF THE EXAMS.  THERE WILL BE ONE (1) TEST SCORE DROPPED AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.  If for some reason you are unable to attend class, please have assignments turned in on due date.  No credit will be given for assignments after class time of due date.

D.           Academic Honesty: Students who engage in dishonest acts such as plagiarism or other forms of cheating in meeting the requirements of this course will be notified by the instructor that they are receiving a “0” for the assignment and/or an “F” for the course.  Students who wish to appeal the decision of the instructor on a matter of dishonesty may do so under the Procedural Policy for Disciplinary Action.  (Under that policy, the       student is subject to suspension from college for acts of dishonesty.)

E.            Use of College Open Labs: Students may use only college software; no personal software is allowed in the labs.  No college software will be illegally copied for personal, education, or business use.  No college software or hardware may be removed from the labs.  Personal, non-educational use of lab equipment and supplies is to be restricted.  NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM.  NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED.

F.                Special Needs: If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need any test or course materials provided in an alternative format, notify your instructor immediately.  Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs.


This syllabus represents the planned objectives, content, learning experiences, evaluation process, and competencies.  The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus as needed.



Revised August 2005