AGR143 Introduction to Soils

Lecture Notes - Fall 2008

Alan Bayless - Agribusiness Instructor


Lecture Notes


Importance and Uses of Soil

Chapter 1 - No PPT Notes

Soil Origin and Development

Chapter 2

Soil Classification and Survey

Chapter 3-Survey Reports and

Land Capability Classes

Physical Properties of Soil

Chapter 4

Soil Water

Chapter 7

Soil Fertility

Chapter 10 - Plant Nutrients/Ions, Element Sources

Chapter 10 - Colloids, Cation Exchange

Soil pH and Salinity

Chapter 11

Life in the Soil

Chapter 5

Plant Nutrition

Chapter 12


Chapter 14

Horticultural Uses of Soil

Chapter 17

Soil Conservation

Chapter 18

Urban Soils

Chapter 19

Government Agencies

and Programs

Chapter 20



Chapter 7








Last Updated: September 2, 2008