Animal Science


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Recommended Study Questions

Issues Debate Info p.1 Animal Behavior - Baboon Bullies

Genetics - DNA From the Beginning

Selection and Mating Problems

Breeds and Misc info Oklahoma State Univ

Issues Debate Scoresheet (current)

Animal Behavior- Full-Moon-Birds

Karyotype Activity


Species Life Cycle Lab Activity

Basic Debating Skills

Temple Grandin web page

Cell Basics


Stunning Options

Debating Rules


DNA Basics


Meat News

Links to Issues Topics


Build a DNA Molecule



Issues Debate Scoresheet (old)


Transcription and Translation



Meat News


Punnet Square Tutorial "Baby Steps"



Drovers - Industry News


Punnet Square examples; includes Dihybrids





Punnet Square Problems





Punnet Square More Practice!


      Genes and Cancer  


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