AGR112 Animal Science - Lecture Notes 2008



Overview Animal Agriculture

Chapter 1

Breeds and Life Cyles of

Livestock and Poultry

Chapter 2 Overview

Chapter 2a-Beef

Chapter 2b-Dairy

Chapter 2e-Swine

Chapter 2f-Poultry

Animal Products

Chapter 3


State of Being of

Domestic Animals

Chapter 7

Ethology and

Animal Behavior

Chapter 24

Fundamental Principles

of Genetics

Chapter 8

Principles of Selecting

and Mating Farm Animals

Chapter 9

Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction

and Related Technologies in Farm Mammals

Chapter 13

Artificial Insemination

Chapter 14

Principles of Nutrition

Chapter 18

The Physiology of Digestion in Nutrition

Chapter 19

The Nutritional Application of Vitamins

to Human Health and Animal Health

Chapter 20

The Nutritional Contributions of Minerals

to Humans and Animals

Chapter 21

Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

Chapter 10

The Application of Endocrinology to

Selected Animals and Humans

Chapter 11

The Physiology of Growth and Senecence

Chapter 12

Physiology of Lactation

Chapter 15

Physiology of Egg Laying

Chapter 16


Last Updated: September 22, 2008