AGR123 Plant Science

Study Aids


Websight for Plant Science On-line - your textbook chapter practice quizzes

Genetically Designing a Plant - a great place to start!

The Seed Site - self-professed 'gardener' has assembled a diverse websight

A Bit of Botany - general botany terms and some other Cool Links

Chapter 1 - Group Study Guide

Chapter 3 - Group Study Guide

Chapter 8 - Websights

                     Angiosperm Anatomy - miscellaneous angiosperm information and images; not all links available

                     Plant Tissue - general plant structure, cells, tissues, systems, and terms

                     Plant Structure II - Monocots and Dicots - lots of good illustrations, photomicrographs, and photos

                            Inflorescense - from Wikipedia; a collection of terms and related links

                     Seed/Fruit Lab - very comprehensive USDA search site

                     Seed/Fruit Lab - good information on types of fruit

                     Seed/Fruit Lab - detailed technical information on fruit and seed

                     Seed/Fruit Lab - page full of flower terms with definitions and great photo examples

Chapter 9 - Links

                     Phases and Genetic Engineering

                            Plant Aspirin


Chapter 15 - Websights

                     Classification - from ppt; parallels text; includes illustrations and examples; Colorado State extension

                     Classification - from ppt; seven ranks (levels) citing corn as an example; Brooklyn Botanic Garden

                     Classification - USDA site; extensive search capabilities

                     Classification - from 'The Seed Site'; additional links found at bottom of page

                     Classification - Photographs, descriptions and Botanical Classification of some favorite garden plants

Chapter14 - Websights

                     DNA from the Beginning - an ultra-comprehensive, detailed site with lots of information

                     DNA Interactive

                            DNA Activities

Chapter 11 - Websights

                            Cellular Metabolism and Fermentation (Respiration)



Last Updated: April 13, 2009