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Tony Gans - nominated for Who's Who teachers in America (2004, 2005)

Pat Pratt - 2005 Communications graduate:
"Returning to school after a five-year absence was not an easy decision to make, and I was filled with self doubt.  I believed that my desired major, Communications, might be too advanced for my limited technical background.  However, after meeting with my advisor, Tony Gans, and learning about the program, I began to feel immediately at ease.  Tony and all of the staff of the communications department worked extremely hard to give me the individual attention I needed to excel in my understanding of the American media industry.  Classes included Introduction to Broadcasting, which gives students a history and understanding of radio and television in America, and Video Production, a hands-on class that encompasses all aspects of creating a professional-quality video program.  Thanks to all of the fine teachers in this challenging and exciting program, I now have the ability to further my education and career."

Ronnie Lee Cobb III - 2005 Communications graduate
"All of the aspects of communications have always appealed me, and classes here at MAC, such as Video Production, Intro to Cinema, and Intro to Mass Media just reinforced my interest.  These classes were interesting and fun, and yet I learned more in them than in any other classes I've ever taken.  The communications department here has started me on the path to a career that I know I will truly enjoy.  I feel that through Tony Gans' guidance, I am now prepared to go into the world and use these skills that I have learned here at MAC."

John E. McCarver - 2005 Communications graduate
"My first few semesters at Mineral Area College, I had no clue what to major in.  I was just taking classes that satisfied my interests until I could figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I saw a pattern take shape in the classes I was taking.  They were all communications courses (Intro to Broadcasting, Intro to Mass Media, and Intro to Cinema), and I had basically chosen my major already.  Tony Gans goes out of his way to give his students his personal attention, and he really develops a rare relationship between teacher and student."