Parenthetical Documentation

English Department

Using Quotations


References are documented within the paper and sources are listed at the end of the paper under “Works Cited.”

1. Citing a source introduced to title and author:

As Winthrop emphasizes in “A Model of Christian Charity,” “we ought to account ourselves knit together by this bond of love, and live in the exercise of it, if we would have comfort of our being in Christ” (67).

2. Citing a source without previous mention of the author:

The Puritans were absolutely insistent on the primacy of community over individual, convinced that “the care of the public must oversway all private respects by which not only conscience but mere civil policy both bind us” (Winthrop 67).

3. Citing more than one work by the same author:

Winthrop makes it clear that the only liberty worthy of the name is “moral liberty,” the freedom to divine authority ( Journal 74).

4. Citing block quotations:

Winthrop make it very clear that the essential choice now set before [is between] “life and good, death and evil,” in that we are commanded this day to love the Lord our God and to Love one another, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments. (68)

5. On a separate sheet, list the entries for every source cited in the body of the paper. The entries should appear in alphabetical order. Single space within each entry and double-space between separate entries. Example:

Works Cited

Winthrop, John. “A Model of Christian Charity.” Anthology of American Literature.

Vol 1: Colonial Through Romantic. Third Edition. New York: Macmillan,

1985. 65-70.