PED 2780  Fit for Life - Web


Our Physical Education Department at MAC now offers classes online.  All you need is a smart-phone and a place to workout.  If you have a smart-phone, you will need to download the application called Mapmyrun.  This application enables a student to record all of their workout information and send it to the instructor for credit.  The classes are 2 credit hours and require an average of three 30-minute workouts a week.  There are some required discussion board posts, written assignments, and a 10-point Final as well.  If you are interested in the class, contact Jeremy Partney at 573-518-2104 or



Frequently Asked Questions


1)  What do I have to do to be in the class?

You can sign up online on MyMAC.  

2)  Can I run on a treadmill or do a group exercise class? 

No.  Mapmyrun uses GPS to track your movements.  You have to cover distance in order to receive credit.   Route and speed are two of the variables that we look at to make sure you did enough work to receive credit.

3)  What if I only need 1 P.E. credit to graduate?

Currently, you can take Fit For Life for 2 credits only.  We are hoping to add additional sections of 1 credit hour each.  If you have taken one Wellness Center class, Fit For Life will count as your two P.E. credits with Wellness I  counting as an elective as a part of your degree.

4)  What other requirements does this class have? 

The class also requires that you do the required work on the discussion forum, (answer the instructor's question and reply to another student's answer) a journal article review, an essay, as well as the final. 

5)  How does the instructor know that I worked out?

After you save your workout on Mapmyrun, you email it to . The workout summary will show where the workout took place, how much time it took them, what their pace was, and any elevation changes that might have taken place during the workout.  The workout summaries are very detailed and it is easy for the instructor to identify how hard they worked. 


Course Syllabus