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  Computer Information Systems Department
The Computer Information Systems department offers the two-year (Associate) degree in one of two majors. Computer Science is a fast-growing major that focuses on computer programming and related skills with an orientation towards mathematics while Information Systems is a major that, while entailing computer programming as well, looks at a number of computer-related skills such as digital multimedia, software applications, and computer hardware and often has a business orientation. Mineral Area College offers these degrees as well as hosting a four-year university (Central Methodist University) that also offers the B.S. in Computer Science on the MAC campus. Generally, Computer Science courses have a CSC prefix, while Computer Information Systems courses have a CIS prefix. Some courses from either the CSC or the CIS areas can be used for either major (Computer Science or Information Systems).

The faculty of the Computer Information Systems Department include:
Name Degree

Roger McMillian
Department Chairperson


M.Ed - Southwest Baptist University, MBA - Missouri Baptist University

Melynda Barks
Assistant Professor
M.Ed - Central Methodist University, MBA - Missouri Baptist University
Paul Fritch
Associate Professor
B.S. - Industrial Technology - Southeast Missouri State University
Amy Henson
PhD in Education - University of MO, St. Louis
Todd Kline
MBA - Missouri Baptist University
Lana Labruyere
MBA - Webster University

Tami Roberts-Simmons
(573) 518-2244

M.A. in Teaching, Webster University
Cyrilla Boyer
Adjunct Instructor
B.S. Elementary Education -
Southeast Missouri State

Emily Daily
Adjunct Instructor

B.S. in Business Mgt - Mid-Continent University
Debra Detring
Adjunct Instructor
M.A. in Education- University of
Missouri, St. Louis
Lisa Edburg
Adjunct Instructor
Masters in Education- Central Methodist
Judy East
Adjunct Instructor
B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science
Gayle Flentge
Adjunct Instructor
M.A. in Education
Connie Hall
Adjunct Instructor
Masters in Education- University
of Phoenix
Jennifer Huff
Adjunct Instructor
Specialist in Education Technology
Debbie Lee
Adjunct Instructor
MBA - Northwest Missouri State University
Vickie Morgan
Adjunct Instructor
Masters in Education -
University of Missouri, Columbia
David Woodland
Adjunct Instructor
M.S.ED. - Southeast Missouri State University

Scott Sebaugh
(573) 518-2349

M.A. - Webster University, International Business and Telecommunications