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  Child Development Department


ECE1000 Intro to Early Childhood Education

ECE1020 Guiding Alternatives for Young Children

ECE1040 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

ECE1060 CDA Associate Prep

ECE1060 CDA Assoc. Credential Prep

ECE1200 Caring Sch Age Child

ECE1200 Caring for School Age Children

ECE2000:Pract. Clrm. Experiences: Fa on-line


ECE2000:Pract. Clrm. Experiences: Sp on-campus

ECE2040 Home, School, and Family    Fa on-line

ECE2040 Home, School, and Family Sp on-campus

ECE2020:Emerging Language and Literacy    Fa on-line

ECE2020:Emerging Language and Literacy Sp oncampus

ECE2120 Intro to Special Needs    Fa on-line

ECE2120 Intro to Special Needs     Sp on campus

EDU1300 Child DevelopmentFa, Sp, Su on-line

EDU2420 Organization and Management Fa and Su 0n-line

Note: Students preparing for the CDA may now take a prepatory course for the final visit from the Washington D.C. Council of Recoginition. The course is an eight week course that is offered in the spring. Students must have completed ECE1000 Into to EC Ed.; ECE1020 Guiding Alternatives; and ECE1040 Health, Safety, and Nutrition. Artifacts saved from the three courses will be used in completing the Resource File. The instructor will act as the Advisor and complete the final observation, and instruct the student on all necessary documentation required by the council.

Note: Students may use Pell Grant, T.E.A.C.H. scholarship funds, and CDA monies that may be available.


Mineral Area College offers three career pathways to Early Child Development . The pathways will prepare the student in a career working with children birth to five years of age in a quality child care setting. The courses allow the student to establish a solid foundation in working with the developing child.

  • The first pathway of Early Child Development prepares the student for the nationally recognized Child Development Associate credential (CDA) required by Head Start Classroom Aid, accredited programs, and community programs seeking grants to improve the quality of child care.
  • Another pathway prepares the student as a Director of a licensed Child Development Program (Director’s Certificate).
  • The third pathway prepares the student as an Assistant or Lead Classroom Teacher in public supported programs such as Head Start, Even Start, First Steps, Parents as Teachers program or an accredited, privately-owned program.
  • The third pathway will also prepare the student as a classroom aid to an early childhood/ elementary classroom teacher in the public school system (Associate Applied Science Degree).

Note: Students may also pursue a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development on the MAC campus through Central Methodist College (2+2 program).

Specific information regarding the Associate of Applied Science Degree and the Director’s Certificate can be found on the Career and Technical Education page under Degrees and Certificates.

The Child Development Associate (CDA) plan has specific requirements such as experience working with young children. It recommends twelve hours of specific child development college courses to prepare the child care provider to implement a developmentally appropriate environment ofr children birth to 36 months, and three to five years. A resource notebook, three observations of student working with the appropriate age group, final oral and written tests administered by the Washington, D.C. CDA Council, and parent questionnaires of the CDA candidates child care group are to be presented to the CDA Council for consideration of the nationall CDA credential. The Mineral Area College Early Child Development will assign a Field Advisor to assist the college student in the final preparation and evaluation credentialing process.

Criminal Background Check Policy (PDF format)

A criminal backgound check must be completed BEFORE the student can complete any field experiences such as observations or practicums.

The Child Development courses at Mineral Area College are guided by the use and implementation of the constructivist approach theory as a guide to a developmentally appropriate curriculum for ages infancy, preschool, and school age children 5 to 12 years. The courses are designed to meet state licensing requirements, accreditation and Head Start standards of quality care. Partnerships with accredited community early care and education programs have been established and utilized for developmentally appropriate practice field and practicum experiences.

Contact information:

Jennifer Sikes
Department Chair for Early Childhood Education-Child Development and CDA Coordinator-Mineral Area College-Present

Educational Background
Masters in Education: 2004 Education Administration-William Woods University, Fulton MO 
Bachelors of Science: 2001 Early Childhood Education-Central Methodist University, Fayette MO

Career Related Experience
Department Chair-ECE Child Development and CDA Coordinator/Advisor-Mineral Area College-Present
PD Specialist-Council for Professional Recognition-Present
Behavior Management Specialist-Goddard Schools of St. Louis-Present
Adjunct Instructor-Missouri Baptist University (St. Louis)-Present
Instructional Leader-WL Johns Early Childhood (Farmington R-7) 2001-21014
Site Director-EMAA Head Start (Park Hills)-1998-2001

Professional Committees
Advisory Board: Developing course specific education and training to meet the needs of the community in early care and education.
Developing a seamless career pathway for early care and education providers to move from the CDA to the four year degree in Child Development.

Professional Memberships: Active Member in the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC); MoAEYC ( (River's Bend ).
Active member in the Missouri Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators (MAECTE)

Early Child Development Faculty:

Davie Horn

Instructor/CDA advisor

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood 2007

Central Methodist University, Park Hills, Missouri

Associate of Applied Science in Child Development

Mineral Area College, Park Hills, Missouri
Masters of Education-Early Childhood-Central Methodist University (2014)

Career Related Experiences

Program Director-St. Joesph Catholic Preschool. July of 2008 to 2009

Farmington, Mo.

Infant/Toddler Lead Teacher at Superior Child Care Center, 2003 to 2008

Bright Horizons, Superior Children's Center

Farmington, Mo.

Interim Field Assistant Director, April to September, 2007

Bright Horizons Vance, Alabama

Four years of experience working with community child care programs preparing for the CDA

CDA advisor and field rep
CDA Instructor


Jane Moldenhaer

Instructor, Perryville campus

Masters Degree in Early Child Development

Teaching Certification-Early Childhood

Webster College-2007

Bachelor of Science in Child Development

Southeast Missouri State University-1990

Career Related Experiences
Preschool Director/Owner 1992 to present
M & M Kids-Perryville, Mo.
Adjunct teacher for Southeast Missouri State University
Parent Educator- Parents as Teachers, 1991
Perry County District # 32, Missouri

Jill Steffens

Instructor, Perryville campus

Masters Degree in Early Child Development-2007

Teaching Certification-Early Childhood

Webster College, Missouri

Bachelor of Science in Child Development-1990

Southeast Mo. State University, Missouri

Career Related Experiences

Preschool Director/Owner 1992 to present

M & M Kids-Perryville, Mo.

Adjunct teacher for SEMO

Parent Educator- Parents as Teachers, 1991

Perry County District # 32

Ray Forshee

Insructor, Main campus

Masters in Elementay Administration, 2008-conferred in 2010

William Woods University

Reading Recovery Advocate 2005-2006

Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, 2003-2005

Central Methodist University, Park Hills

Associates Of Arts Degree, Elementary Education, 2000-2003

Park Hills, Missouri

Career Related Experiences

Kindergarten teacher (2006-2008)

Third Grade Teacher (2008 to present)

Annapolis, Missouri