Physical Education Department

The Physical Education Department at Mineral Area College is an important component of the overall education provided by the college.  Most degree programs at Mineral Area College require two credits in physical education.  The Department offers a variety of courses that students can choose from to obtain that credit while learning key components to living a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is located between the library and field house on the Park Hills Campus at Mineral Area College.  It is a first-class facility that is considered extremely user-friendly.  The Wellness Center has a wide variety of equipment, and hosts a wide variety of classes.  Students have the opportunity to use stair-steppers, stationary bicycles, recumbent bicycles, treadmills, elliptical machines, paramount strength training machines, and various free-weights, all while learning cutting edge fitness concepts from the trained staff.  The Wellness Center is open for use to all students who attend MAC. 

*You can also use our Wellness Center and group classes as a member of the community through our Continuing Education program.  It is $50 for the semester.  Call Pam Watkins at 573-518-2342 to sign up.* 

The Wellness Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm during regularly scheduled classes.  The Center's summer hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The Wellness Center is closed on weekends, holidays, in between semesters, and when MAC is closed.  Please contact the Wellness Center for additional information including hours of operation during semester breaks. 573-518-2104.

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Faculty & Staff

Diana Stuart

Dean of Arts & Sciences

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Doctorate     573-518-2100

Jeremy Partney

Wellness Center Director

Physical Education Department Chair, MS    573-518-2104

Rich Flotron

Law Enforcement Academy, Wellness Instructor

Assistant Professor, MA     573-518-2341

Chris Schmitt

Law Enforcement Academy, Fundamentals of Trap and Skeet Instructor

Doug Ruess

Physical Education Instructor, MA  573-518-2199

Tony Gans

Fine Arts Department Chair, Golf Instructor

Associate Professor, MA     573-518-2344

Jerry Whitehurst

Fundamentals of Trap & Skeet Instructor

Adjunct, MA

Nathan Werremeyer

Athletic Trainer


Luke Strege

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Varsity Sports Instructor

Adjunct, BS     573-518-2229

Dennis Robinson

Tai Chi Instuctor, Physical Education Instructor

Adjunct, Doctorate   573-760-3120

Judy East

MAC Outreach Center, Potosi     573-438-3479

Mary Bauwens

MAC Outreach Center, Perryville

MA     573-547-4143

Tracy Crider

MAC Outreach Center,Winona     573-325-8101 ext. 314

Brian Hanner

Wellness Center Instructor

MAC Outreach Center, Fredericktown  573-783-4766

Jordan Thompson

Instructor, MA

Tim Copeland




Central High School (Dual Credit)

Jennifer Mills – M.A.

Wellness I & II



Physical Education Courses:

Course Description Instructor Information Course Page
PED 107 Fund. Basketball Strege    
PED 109 Fund. of Baseball      
PED 127 Care & Prevention AthI Injuries Werremeyer    
PED 200 L Basic Physical Fitness Ruess Law Academy  
PED 208 Beginning Golf Gans    
PED 213 Tai Chi Chuan Robinson    
PED 252 Modern Dance Propst    
PED 253 Modern Dance II Propst    
PED 255 Varsity Sports - Basketball Strege    
PED 258 Varsity Sports - Baseball Jones    
PED 265 Fund. of Trap & Skeet


PED 265 L Fund. of Trap & Skeet


Law Academy  
PED 2682 Begining Jazz I      
PED 2684 Begining Tap I      
PED 2692 Begining Jazz II      
PED 2693 Intermediate/Adv. Jazz I      
PED 2694 Begining Tap II      
PED 2695 Intermediate/Adv. Jazz II      
PED 2696 Intermediate/Adv. Tap I      
PED 2698 Intermediate/Adv. Tap II      
PED 270 Wellness I Partney   MAC WC
PED 270 L Wellness I Flotron Law Academy  
PED 270 PE Wellness I Bauwens Perryville  
PED 270 FR Wellness I Hanner Fredericktown  
PED 270 P0 Wellness I East Potosi  
PED 270 W Wellness I Crider Winona  
PED 271 Wellness II Partney   MAC WC
PED 271 PE Wellness II Bauwens Perryville  
PED 271 FR Wellness II Hanner Fredericktown  
PED 271 P0 Wellness II East Potosi  
PED 272 Total Fitness Partney   MAC WC
PED 273 Cycling Ergometry Partney   MAC WC
PED 276 Strength Training Werremeyer    
PED 2780 Fit For Life Partney Web  
PED 284 Psych of Coaching & Human Performance Thompson    
PED 286 Foundations of Physical Education TBA    
PED 288 Nutrition and Athletic Performance TBA