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  History, Political Science, Geography, Philosophy Department



Full-time Instructors:

(In alphabetical order.)

Professor Marc Drye, department chairperson

M.A. in History, 1991

University of Missouri-Columbia

Office phone:  (573) 518-2186

Office number:  A&S room 20

Professor Judy Edgar

M.A. in History, 1997

Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau

Office phone:  (573) 518-2267

Office number:  A&S room 19

Adjunct Instructors:

(In alphabetical order.  Not including Outreach Centers.)

Rev. Eddie Bone

Masters of Divinity, 1993

Eden Theological Seminary-St. Louis

Roger Greenland

M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies, 1995

Navy War College-Newport, Rhode Island

Tom Joyce

M.A. in Political Studies, 1998

University of Illinois-Springfield

Shelley Keeney

M.A. in Educational Administration, 2005

William Woods College

Victor Klaus

Master of Science in Education, 1997

Southwest Baptist University-Bolivar

Helen Mitchell

M.A. in Guidance and Counseling, 1996

Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau

Keith Mitchell

M.A. in Teaching, 2001

Webster University-St. Louis

Ralph Ogden

M.A. in History, 2014

Southeast University-Cape Girardeau

Dr. Michael Ruch

Ed.D. in Education, 2015

Missouri-Baptist University-St. Louis

Stephen Slinkard

M.A. in Teaching, 1982

Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau

Jeff Straughan

M.A. In Education, 1981

Southeast Missouri State University-Cape Girardeau

Chris Warren

M.A. in Military History, 2011

American Public University

Rodney Wilson,

M.A. in History, 1995

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Richard Wiskus

M.A. in Theology, 1996

Aquinas Institute of Theology-St. Louis

Dual Credit Instructors:

(In alphabetical order.  List provided by Julie Downs, Dual Credit Coordinator.)

Jill Bailey

Masters in History

Don Barzowski

Masters in History

Greg Kester

Masters in Education with 18 content hours

Ralph Ogden

Masters in Education plus 18 content hours

Bethany Petty

Masters in Education plus 18 content hours

Dr. Brian Reeves

Masters in History, PhD in Philosophy