Thanks for visiting the web page of the History, Political Science, Geography

and Philosophy Department.  Welcome to our department.

Two of our subjects are offered as a "field of study" at Mineral Area College.

Those two are History and Political Science.  All that means is that you are

interested in one of those fields.  There are no special requirements to list either

History or Political Science as your "field of study".  And, in order to earn the

Associate of Arts Degree, you simply follow the requirements listed on MAC's

degree audit page.  You can also find the requirements for an Associate of Arts

Degree on the "AA Degree Plan" (a helpful sheet located on the shelves by the

Student Services office). 

Philosophy and Geography are not "fields of study" at MAC because we don't

offer very many classes in those subjects.  A "field of study" is not actually a

"major".  It is just indicating that you are interested in that field.

Our full-time and adjunct (part-time) instructors are listed here on our web page. 

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.  We will do our best to help you. 

Again, welcome to our department.

                                                                 ~ Marc Drye, department chairperson