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Graduation Requirements

  • Students will pass the Missouri General Education Assessment (MOGEA) exam.Students will complete the Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)Students should take EDU 2600-Portfolio Evaluation the semester they graduate. Students are encouraged to keep copies of all assignments, especially in education classes, as those assignments will be needed to complete their portfolio.
  • Candidates for the AAT must maintain a 2.75 GPA with no grade lower than a B in education classes.

Transfer Information

  • Students transferring to certain institutions must have appropriate ACT composite scores. Most colleges that require a composite ACT score for admittance to the teacher education program expect at least a composite score of 22.
  • Transfer institutions have varied requirements. Students should consult an advisor for course recommendations.

Individual requirements vary greatly by major and transfer institution and it is recommended that students consult Dr. Shawn Young or Dr. Diana Stuart to map out their career pathway.